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Sirius XM Channel List for 2022 [with Channel Numbers]

Sirius XM Channel List for 2022

XM Channel List for 2022: Sirius XM is among the most popular broadcasting providers. The subscription-based service utilizes satellite and web radio broadcasts. These are primarily utilized as entertainment in car radios.

Additionally, it eliminates the trouble of first pairing your phone before selecting what to play. The service offers a variety of channels for a monthly fee. And if you’re looking for a list of all Sirius XM channels.

In addition to ad-free music, live sports, unique conversations, news, comedy, interviews, and more, SXM or SiriusXM provides a wide range of services. Additionally, it is compatible with both supported streaming devices and car radios.

Of course, you need a subscription package that includes the channels you wish to listen to in order to access all the content.

A user of SiriusXM can access different subscriptions with different channels. You have the option to only subscribe to a streaming device or to use it in combination with a car radio. Plan options for users include Platinum, Music & Entertainment, and Music Showcase. The costs vary depending on the plan. Additionally, there are scams you may use to purchase memberships for less.

Let’s get started with the Sirius XM channel list and channel numbers now that you are aware of the Sirius XM plans.

Detailed List of Sirius XM Channels

Another thing to keep in mind is that the Platinum plan includes 425+ channels, Music & Entertainment includes 400+ channels, and Music Showcase includes 100+ channels.


Here is a list of all the Sirius XM channels that can be found on car radios and online streaming devices.

Sirius XM Music Channel Lineup

Pop Music Channels

Channel Name Channel Number
SiriusXM Hits 1 2
Pandora Now 3
TikTok Radio 4
The Pulse 5
The Coffee House 6
70s on 7 7
80s on 8 8
90s on 9 9
Pop2K 10
The 10s Spot 11
PopRocks 12
Pitbull’s Globalization 13
Yacht Rock Radio 14
Mosaic 15
The Blend 16
The Bridge 17
50s Gold 72
60s Gold 73
Elvis Radio 75
SiriusXM 104 104
The Beach Boys Channel 105
Caliente 151
Road Trip Radio 301
Disney Hits 302
Venus 303 303
SoulCycle Radio 304
88rising Radio 305
Andy Cohen’s Kiki Lounge 312
SXM Limited Edition 1 SXM App (501)
SXM Limited Edition 2 SXM App (502)
SXM Limited Edition 3 SXM App (503)
Pop Top 500 SXM App (550)
80s on 8 Top 500 SXM App (551)
90s on 9 Top 500 SXM App (552)
Billboard Top 500 Summer Hits SXM App
Carolina Shag Radio SXM App (701)
ONEderland SXM App (702)
Oldies Party SXM App (703)
70s/80s Pop SXM App (704)
80s/90s Pop SXM App (705)
Elevations SXM App (706)
SiriusXM Love SXM App (708)
Celebrate! SXM App (718)
Holiday Traditions SXM App (776)

Rock Music Channels

Channel Name Channel Number
The Beatles Channel 18
Bob Marley’s Tuff Gong Radio 19
E Street Radio 20
Underground Garage 21
Pearl Jam Radio 22
Grateful Dead Channel 23
Radio Margaritaville 24
Classic Rewind 25
Classic Vinyl 26
Deep Tracks 27
The Spectrum 28
Phish Radio 29
Dave Matthews Band Radio 30
Tom Petty Radio 31
U2 X-Radio 32
1st Wave 33
Lithium 34
SiriusXMU 35
Alt Nation 36
Octane 37
Ozzy’s Boneyard 38
Hair Nation 39
Liquid Metal 40
SiriusXM Turbo 41
Jam On 309 309
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Radio 310
Yacht Rock 311 311
RockBar 313 313
Faction Punk 314
Whole Lotta Red Hot 315
SXM Limited Edition 4 504
SXM Limited Edition 5 SXM App (505)
SXM Limited Edition 6 SXM App (506)
Classic Rock Top 1000 SXM App (553)
Bon Jovi Radio SXM App (709)
The Loft SXM App (710)
Tom Petty’s Buried Treasure SXM App (711)
Marky Ramone’s Punk Rock Blitzkrieg SXM App (712)
The Emo Project SXM App (713)
Indie 1.0 SXM App (714)
Classic Rock Party SXM App (715)
Nugs.net Radio SXM App (716)
Little Steven’s Coolest Songs SXM App (721)

Hip-Hop/R&B Music Channels

Channel Name Channel Number
Sound 42 42
LL COOL J’s Rock the Bells Radio 43
Hip-Hop Nation 44
Shade 45 45
The Heat 46
SiriusXM FLY 47
Heart & Soul 48
Soul Town 49
The Groove 50
SiriusXM Silk 330 330
SXM Limited Edition 7 507
SoundCloud Radio 724
SXM Limited Edition 8 SXM App (508)
Hip-Hop Top 500 SXM App (556)
Sway’s Universe SXM App (720)
The Joint SXM App (722)
LL COOL J’s Rock the Bells – Mixdown SXM App (723)

Dance/Electronic Music Channels

Channel Name Channel Number
BPM 51
Diplo’s Revolution 52
SiriusXM Chill 53
Studio 54 Radio 54
Utopia 341
SXM Limited Edition 9 509
Steve Aoki’s Remix Radio SXM App (735)
A State of Armin SXM App (736)

Dance/Electronic Music Channels

Channel Name Channel Number
The Garth Channel 55
The Highway 56
No Shoes Radio 57
Prime Country 58
Willie’s Roadhouse 59
Outlaw Country 60
Y2Kountry 61
Bluegrass Junction 62
The Chicks Channel 104
Dwight Yoakam and The Bakersfield B 349
Red White & Booze 350
SXM Limited Edition 11 SXM App (511)
Country Top 1000 SXM App (558)
The Village SXM App (741)
Women of Country SXM App

Jazz/Standards/Classical Music Channels

Channel Name Channel Number
Watercolors 66
Real Jazz 67
Spa 68
Escape 69
Siriusly Sinatra 70
40s Junction 71
BB King’s Bluesville 74
Symphony Hall 76
On Broadway 77
Met Opera Radio SXM App (355)
SiriusXM Pops SXM App (745)
Miles Davis Radio SXM App (747)

Chrisitan Music Channels

Channel Name Channel Number
The Message 63
Kirk Franklin’s Praise 64
enLighten 65

Latino Music Channels

Channel Name Channel Number
SiriusXM Limited Edition 12 SXM App (512)
Chucho Valdes’ Cuba & Beyond SXM App (760)
Águila SXM App (761)
Caricia SXM App (762)
Viva SXM App (763)
Latidos SXM App (764)
Flow Nación SXM App (765)
Luna SXM App (766)
Rumbón SXM App (767)
La Kueva SXM App (768)

Sirius XM Sports Channel List

Channel Name Channel Number
ESPN Radio 80
ESPN Xtra 81
Mad Dog Sports Radio 82
FOX Sports on SiriusXM 83
ESPNU Radio 84
NBC Sports Audio 85
SiriusXM NBA Radio 86
SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio 87
SiriusXM NFL Radio 88
MLB Network Radio 89
SiriusXM NASCAR Radio 90
SiriusXM® NHL Network Radio 91
SiriusXM PGA TOUR Radio 92
SiriusXM PGA TOUR Radio 156
SiriusXM FC 157
CBS Sports Radio 158
SportsGrid 159
SiriusXM IndyCar Nation 160
MLB Play-By-Play 175 – 189
SEC Play-by-Play 190 – 192
ACC Play-by-Play 193 – 194
Big Ten Play-by-Play 195 – 196
Pac-12 Play-by-Play 197 – 198
Big 12 Play-by-Play 199 – 200
Sports Play-by-Play 201 – 207
NBA Play-by-Play 212 – 217
NHL Play-by-Play 219 – 223
NFL Play-by-Play 225 – 234
ESPN Podcasts 370
SiriusXM ACC Radio 371
SiriusXM Big Ten Radio 372
SiriusXM Pac-12 Radio 373
SiriusXM SEC Radio 374
SiriusXM Big 12 Radio 375
Sports Play-by-Play 380 – 392
Arizona Cardinals SXM App
Atlanta Falcons SXM App
Baltimore Ravens SXM App
Buffalo Bills SXM App
Carolina Panthers SXM App
Chicago Bears SXM App
Cincinnati Bengals SXM App
Cleveland Browns SXM App
Dallas Cowboys SXM App
Denver Broncos SXM App
Detroit Lions SXM App
Green Bay Packers SXM App
Houston Texans SXM App
Indianapolis Colts SXM App
Jacksonville Jaguars SXM App
Kansas City Chiefs SXM App
Las Vegas Raiders SXM App
Los Angeles Chargers SXM App
Los Angeles Rams SXM App
Miami Dolphins SXM App
Minnesota Vikings SXM App
New England Patriots SXM App
New Orleans Saints SXM App
New York Giants SXM App
New York Jets SXM App
Philadelphia Eagles SXM App
Pittsburgh Steelers SXM App
San Francisco 49ers SXM App
Seattle Seahawks SXM App
Tampa Bay Buccaneers SXM App
Tennessee Titans SXM App
Washington Commanders SXM App
Arizona Diamondbacks SXM App
Atlanta Braves SXM App
Baltimore Orioles SXM App
Boston Red Sox SXM App
Chicago Cubs SXM App
Chicago White Sox SXM App
Cincinnati Reds SXM App
Cleveland Guardians SXM App
Colorado Rockies SXM App
Detroit Tigers SXM App
Houston Astros SXM App
Kansas City Royals SXM App
Los Angeles Angels SXM App
Los Angeles Dodgers SXM App
Miami Marlins SXM App
Milwaukee Brewers SXM App
Minnesota Twins SXM App
New York Mets SXM App
New York Yankees SXM App
Oakland Athletics SXM App
Philadelphia Phillies SXM App
Pittsburgh Pirates SXM App
San Diego Padres SXM App
San Francisco Giants SXM App
Seattle Mariners SXM App
St. Louis Cardinals SXM App
Tampa Bay Rays SXM App
Texas Rangers SXM App
Toronto Blue Jays SXM App
Washington Nationals SXM App
Atlanta Hawks SXM App
Boston Celtics SXM App
Brooklyn Nets SXM App
Charlotte Hornets SXM App
Chicago Bulls SXM App
Cleveland Cavaliers SXM App
Dallas Mavericks SXM App
Denver Nuggets SXM App
Detroit Pistons SXM App
Golden State Warriors SXM App
Houston Rockets SXM App
Indiana Pacers SXM App
Los Angeles Clippers SXM App
Los Angeles Lakers SXM App
Memphis Grizzlies SXM App
Miami Heat SXM App
Milwaukee Bucks SXM App
Minnesota Timberwolves SXM App
New Orleans Pelicans SXM App
New York Knicks SXM App
Oklahoma City Thunder SXM App
Orlando Magic SXM App
Philadelphia 76ers SXM App
Phoenix Suns SXM App
Portland Trail Blazers SXM App
Sacramento Kings SXM App
San Antonio Spurs SXM App
Toronto Raptors SXM App
Utah Jazz SXM App
Washington Wizards SXM App
Anaheim Ducks SXM App
Arizona Coyotes SXM App
Boston Bruins SXM App
Buffalo Sabres SXM App
Calgary Flames SXM App
Carolina Hurricanes SXM App
Chicago Blackhawks SXM App
Colorado Avalanche SXM App
Columbus Blue Jackets SXM App
Dallas Stars SXM App
Detroit Red Wings SXM App
Edmonton Oilers SXM App
Florida Panthers SXM App
Los Angeles Kings SXM App
Minnesota Wild SXM App
Montreal Canadiens SXM App
Nashville Predators SXM App
New Jersey Devils SXM App
New York Islanders SXM App
New York Rangers SXM App
Ottawa Senators SXM App
Philadelphia Flyers SXM App
Pittsburgh Penguins SXM App
San Jose Sharks SXM App
Seattle Kraken SXM App
St. Louis Blues SXM App
Tampa Bay Lightning SXM App
Toronto Maple Leafs SXM App
Vancouver Canucks SXM App
Vegas Golden Knights SXM App
Washington Capitals SXM App
Winnipeg Jets SXM App
Sports Play-by-Play 953 – 994

Sirius XM Talk & Entertainment Channel List

Channel Name Channel Number
Radio Andy 102
Faction Talk 103
TODAY Show Radio 108
SiriusXM Stars 109
Doctor Radio 110
Triumph 111
Joel Osteen Radio 128
The Catholic Channel 129
EWTN Radio 130
Family Talk 131
Business Radio 132
Road Dog Trucking 146
RadioClassics 148
CBC Radio 3 162
ICI Musique Chansons 163
The Indigiverse 165
ICI Musique FrancoCountry 166
Canada Talks 167
ICI Première 170
CBC Country 171
SiriusXM Scoreboard 172
The Verge 173
Influence Franco 174
North Americana 359
Grown Folk JAMZ 362
The Billy Graham Channel 460
Noël Incontournable SXM App (753)
Poplandia SXM App (754)
Les Tubes 80-90 SXM App (756)
The Tragically Hip Radio SXM App (757)
Iceberg SXM App (758)
Attitude Franco SXM App (759)
Entertainment Now SXM App (790)
Freakonomics Radio Network SXM App (791)
Ramsey Network SXM App
SiriusXM Preview SXM App

Sirius XM News Channel List

Channel Name Channel Number
CNBC 112
FOX Business 113
FOX News Channel 114
FOX News Headlines 24/7 115
CNN 116
HLN 117
Bloomberg Radio 119
BBC World Service 120
CNN Originals 121
NPR Now 122
PRX Remix 123
POTUS Politics 124
SiriusXM Patriot 125
SiriusXM Urban View 126
SiriusXM Progress 127
New York (Traffic & Weather) 133
Boston/Philadelphia/Washington DC (Traffic & Weather) 134
Chicago/Detroit/Dallas-Ft. Worth (Traffic & Weather) 135
Los Angeles (Traffic & Weather) 136
CBC Radio One 169
CNN International 454
C-SPAN Radio 455
CNN en Español SXM App (795)

Sirius XM Comedy Channel List

Channel Name Channel Number
Netflix Is A Joke Radio 93
Comedy Greats 94
Comedy Central Radio 95
Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud Radio 96
Jeff & Larry’s Comedy Roundup 97
Laugh USA 98
Raw Dog Comedy 99
Just For Laughs Canada 168
Carlin’s Corner SXM App (770)
She’s So Funny SXM App (771)
Comedy Classics SXM App (772)

Sirius XM Howard Stern Channel List

Channel Name Channel List
Howard 100 100
Howard 101 101

Sirius XM Channel List – Others

Channel Name Channel Number
Kids Place Live 78
KIDZ BOP Radio 79
HUR Voices 141
HBCU 142
BYUradio 143
Korea Today 144
SLAM Radio 145
En Vivo 152
Americano 153
Holy Culture Radio 154
ATN 796
Hits 1 Hitbound SXM App
Hits 1 Top Hits SXM App
Hits 1 Workout SXM App
New Music Mash SXM App
Pulse Top Hits SXM App
50s/60s Pop Hits SXM App
60s/70s SXM App
Love 70s Hits SXM App
70s, 80s, 90s SXM App
70s/80s SXM App
80s/90s SXM App
90s & 2Ks SXM App
2Ks to Now Pop Hits SXM App
80s On 8 Top 100 SXM App
80s on 8 Workout SXM App
80s on 8 Party SXM App
80s Mellow Hits SXM App
90s on 9 Party SXM App
90s On 9 Top 100 SXM App
90s on 9 Workout SXM App
90s Mellow Hits SXM App
Pop2K Top 100 SXM App
Pop2K Workout SXM App
Pop2K Party SXM App
2Ks Mellow Hits SXM App
Coffee House Classics SXM App
2010s Alt Rock Hits SXM App
2010s Hard Rock Hits SXM App
2010s Country Hits SXM App
2010s Hip-Hop/R&B Hits SXM App
Classic Rock BBQ SXM App
Classic Rock Mix SXM App
Classic Rock Workout SXM App
Classic Rewind Top 100 SXM App
Classic Vinyl Top 100 SXM App
70s on 7 Rock SXM App
80s on 8 Rock SXM App
90s on 9 Rock SXM App
Pop2K Rock Hits SXM App
Alt Nation Top Hits SXM App
Alt Nation Advanced Placement SXM App
Alt Nation 2K Hits SXM App
80s to Now Alt Rock SXM App
Octane Top Hits SXM App
Octane Test Drive SXM App
Spectrum Top Hits SXM App
Spectrum Discovery SXM App
SiriusXMU Discovery SXM App
Hard Rock New & Classic SXM App
1st Wave Party SXM App
1st Wave Top 100 SXM App
1st Wave Workout SXM App
Hair Nation Top 100 SXM App
Hair Nation Party SXM App
Turbo Top 100 SXM App
Turbo Party SXM App
Turbo Workout SXM App
Lithium Top 100 SXM App
Lithium Workout SXM App
Classic Hip-Hop BBQ SXM App
Hip-Hop Nation Top Hits SXM App
Hip-Hop Nation 2K Hits SXM App
Hip-Hop Nation Discovery SXM App
Hip-Hop Nation Workout SXM App
90s on 9 Hip-Hop/R&B SXM App
90s-2Ks Pop Hip-Hop/R&B SXM App
Fly Top 100 SXM App
Fly Party SXM App
Fly 2K Hip-Hop SXM App
Fly 90s Hip-Hop SXM App
Fly Workout SXM App
Heat Discovery SXM App
Heat Top Hits SXM App
Heat 2K Hits SXM App
Heat Workout SXM App
Hip-Hop New & Classic SXM App
Alt R&B SXM App
Pop2K Hip-Hop Hits SXM App
Joint Top 100 SXM App
Joint Reggae Vibes SXM App
Chillhop SXM App
Pop & Dance Mix SXM App
70s on 7 Dance/R&B SXM App
80s on 8 Dance SXM App
90s on 9 Dance SXM App
Pop2K Dance Hits SXM App
BPM Top Hits SXM App
BPM Discovery SXM App
BPM Workout SXM App
Chill Instrumental SXM App
Rocking Country BBQ SXM App
Today’s Country BBQ SXM App
90s to Now Country Hits SXM App
Prime Country Top 100 SXM App
Prime Country 80s Hits SXM App
Prime Country Party SXM App
Highway On The Horizon SXM App
Highway Top Hits SXM App
Country & Pop Party SXM App
Country Classics Mix SXM App
Y2Kountry Top 100 SXM App
Y2Kountry Party SXM App
Country n Chill SXM App
Watercolors Instrumental SXM App
Spa Instrumental SXM App
Yoga SXM App
Elevations Pop SXM App
Velvet SXM App
Salsa Party SXM App
Viva Latin Hits SXM App
Caliente Discovery SXM App
Country & Pop Mix SXM App
Pop/Hip-Hop/Country SXM App
80s, 90s & 2Ks SXM App
90s Rock & Hip-Hop SXM App
Country & Pop Classics SXM App
Tailgating Anthems SXM App
Wedding Party SXM App
Prom Radio SXM App
Tom Morello’s Heavy Metal Happy Hour Radio SXM App
Tom Morello’s Riffs, Rhymes & Rebellion Radio SXM App
Tom Morello’s Battle Hymns Radio SXM App
1st Wave Deep Cuts SXM App
Broadway Classics SXM App
Coffee House Discovery SXM App
Classic Chill SXM App
Queens of Pop SXM App
Spectrum of Hip-Hop SXM App
Lithium Deep Cuts SXM App
Krishna Das Yoga Radio SXM App
90s R&B Jams SXM App
Boy Bands SXM App
The Covers Channel SXM App
Dead Tracks SXM App
Dead Archive SXM App
LL COOL J’s Rock the Bells – B-Sides SXM App
LL COOL J’s Rock the Bells – Clean Versions SXM App
Bob Marley’s Tuff Beats SXM App
Bob Marley’s Tuff Soca SXM App
Lithium Icons SXM App
Lithium Stripped SXM App
The Big Easy SXM App
SiriusXM Comes Alive! SXM App
Viva 90s/2Ks Hits SXM App
Hyperpop SXM App
Tropix SXM App
Y’allternative SXM App
Queens of Hip-Hop SXM App
Women of Country SXM App
Women of Rock SXM App
90s on 9 Just Music SXM App
Alt Nation Just Music SXM App
BPM Just Music SXM App
Hits 1 Just Music SXM App
Lithium Just Music SXM App
Octane Just Music SXM App
Pop2K Just Music SXM App
Heat Just Music SXM App
Highway Just Music SXM App
Pulse Just Music SXM App
70s/80s Instrumentals SXM App
90s/2Ks Instrumentals SXM App
Acoustic Guitar Instmntl SXM App
Hip-Hop/R&B Instrumentals SXM App
Instrumental Covers SXM App
Piano Instrumentals SXM App
Soothe SXM App
Strings SXM App
Surf Instrumentals SXM App
Tranquil SXM App
60s Gold Just Music SXM App
70s on 7 Just Music SXM App
80s on 8 Deep Cuts SXM App
90s on 9 Deep Cuts SXM App
Classic Rewind Deep Cuts SXM App
Classic Rewind Just Music SXM App
Classic Vinyl Just Music SXM App
Deep Tracks Just Music SXM App
Fly Deep Cuts SXM App
Hair Nation Deep Cuts SXM App
Octane Deep Cuts SXM App
Ozzy’s Boneyard Deep Cuts SXM App
Pop2K Deep Cuts SXM App
Prime Country Deep Cuts SXM App
Prime Country Just Music SXM App
Real Jazz Just Music SXM App
Soul Town Just Music SXM App
Symphony Hall Just Music SXM App
Turbo Deep Cuts SXM App
Watercolors Just Music SXM App
Yacht Rock Deep Cuts SXM App
2010s Hip-Hop SXM App
Cinemagic SXM App
Happy Radio SXM App
88rising’s K-Pop Radio SXM App
SiriusXM Guitar Greats SXM App
Alegría SXM App
Feel-Good Hip-Hop/R&B SXM App
Happy Country SXM App
Happy Dance SXM App
Happy Oldies SXM App
Happy Rock SXM App
One Man Revolution SXM App
World Wide Rebel Radio SXM App
The Sleep Channel SXM App
The Pop Off SXM App

As such, the SiriusXM channel lineup provides subscribers with access to thousands of stations. You should be aware that the SXM app’s listed channels are unavailable on automobile radios. For these SXM channels, supported streaming devices are required. I hope you have easier access to the channel and channel number you seek. Please inform us if I missed any channels.

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