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Signal: this is the function that is stealing users from WhatsApp

The signal is the best alternative to WhatsApp for those who especially value online privacy. The instant communications platform and messaging app gained a sudden prominence earlier this year after the announcement of the new WhatsApp terms.

It was from there that we witnessed an authentic exodus from WhatsApp to alternatives such as Signal and Telegram, both rivals adding thousands of new users at the expense of the dominant platform. Now, there is another strong asset in favor of Signal.

Signal already wins WhatsApp in sharing images

Signal WhatsApp
New image sharing options and criteria on the Signal platform.

The sharing of images through instant communication platforms is a daily reality for millions of users, being an important component of this type of service. However, it is one of the features that can easily overwhelm the servers of companies in the sector.

This reality leads platforms like WhatsApp to apply strong compression protocols when sending and transferring images or video. As a result, the content ends up losing a lot of quality when sent online.

On the other hand, Signal believes that this is an important asset to face the rival platform. In this sense, it is now possible to send images in high quality, more specifically in Ultra-HD (4K) resolution for your service.

Signal and Telegram are the ideal messaging apps for sending images

According to the investigation carried out by AndroidPolice, the function is available in the beta version v5.11.0 of the application, and very positive feedback is already being collected. In fact, it is one of the novelties that will already be bringing new users to the platform.

Interested parties can already download and use the new version of Signal, through the APK Mirror, with the new high-quality shipping option. Note, however, that this sending pattern is slower and implies greater data traffic.

After installing the APK, users will be able to choose between two sending standards – Standard (Standard) and High-Quality (High), with differences in the quality of the images.

For Signal, sending images in high quality is a component of the utmost importance, something that helps it to differentiate itself and add value compared to rival WhatsApp.

Finally, it is worth noting that Telegram also allows you to send images in high-quality, or in the format (original size), something that is still not possible through WhatsApp.

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