WhatsApp audios from the Google assistant


Is it possible to send voice messages to your friends with the Google assistant? Yes! Google recently released this new feature for its virtual assistant. 

Now you can not only send normal messages to your friends, but you can also send voice notes. Learn how to send WhatsApp audios from Google Assistant easily. Can you come with us?

Sending voice notes by WhatsApp from the Google assistant is very easy

Surely it has happened to you: you need to answer an important message on WhatsApp but you have your hands full in the kitchen or something else and you cannot take your mobile. Until recently, you had three options: do not reply, disregard what you were doing, or dictate the message to the Google assistant to send as text.

However, Google does not stop improving its assistant, and now you can add a fourth way out to your problem: record a voice message with the assistant and send it by WhatsApp. It is a very useful function, it is a true hands-free mode and it is also very easy to use, how can you do it?

For you to send audio via WhatsApp or any other service using the Google Assistant, you just have to say the command in one of these ways:

  • “Ok Google, send an audio message to Juan saying I’m busy right now.”
  • “Ok Google, send an audio message” and it will ask who you will send it to and what the message is.
  • “Ok Google, send an audio message to Juan” and he will ask you which message to record.

In any of the three ways the command is valid, since you are using the base instruction “Ok Google, send an audio message”. After doing so, the virtual assistant will ask you through which platform you want to send the voice note. Of course, you will tell him that by WhatsApp, although you can also do it by other applications such as Google Messages.

It’s a cool and very useful feature, right? But can you use it in any language?

Sending audios from the Google assistant is not in Spanish, but you can solve it with this trick

Sending audios from the Google assistant

Not everything is perfect and now comes the bad news, although it is not so serious. Sending voice memos to your contacts is a fairly recent development, and it’s only available when you set up the assistant in English and Portuguese.

Surely soon Spanish will be added to the languages ​​available for this functionality, but for now, we have to wait. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t send audio in Spanish. How can you do it?

  • Change the language of the Google Assistant to English.
  • Say the command in English: “Hey Google, send an audio message”.
  • Record the voice memo in Spanish and send it.

Yes, it can be annoying to have to change the language of the assistant, but it is an option if you are fluent in English. The Google assistant may not recognize the command in Spanish, but the voice memo will record it without a problem.