Samsung SM-G891A Combination File [Galaxy S7 Active]

Samsung SM-G891A Combination Files is licensed service firmware. You can flash the Samsung SM-G891A with this developer software in order to inspect all hardware features like back camera, front camera, sensors, RAM memory, ROM memory.

You may also run a test that gives you the results of the Samsung SM-G891A diagnostics. What’s especially important this special firmware can be used to bypass and remove Factory Reset Protection, Google Account verification or Google Account protection. In the table below we present the list of all Samsung SM-G891A Combination firmware that you can download.

Samsung SM-G891A Combination File [Galaxy S7 Active]Samsung SM-G891A Combination File [Galaxy S7 Active]:

A Samsung SM-G891A Combination File is a test mode that does not have the effect of fixing the hardware, but only the test function of the operation or damage. However, a Combination file can recover IMEI, Baseband or some software errors but not all. By using a combination file you will lose all features … including call, play games, web history, and pictures. etc.

Samsung SM-G891A Combination File




Samsung SM-G891A Full Firmware File:



G891AUCS 2 ( 2,2G ) | MAX SPEED-LINK

[quads id=2]


  • Please Read and understand the Full Guide Before Flashing the Samsung SM-G891A Combination File.
  • Use these instructions at your own risk. We will not be responsible for everything that happens to you or your device, resulting from the use of information in this guide.
  • Make sure that the USB drivers for your device are installed on the computer.
  • Your smartphone must have a 70–80% charge.
  • Make a backup copy of important data such as call logs, SMS, and other data, it is to if something goes wrong, your data is not affected

Samsung SM-G891A Flashing Tool And Drivers:

  • Download Odin and run the .exe file.
  • Download  Samsung Kies and simply install it will set up all drivers.

Instruction to Flash Samsung SM-G891A Combination File with Odin:

  1. Open Odin Software.
  2. Click on “AP” and give the path of “Samsung SM-G891A Combination File”.
  3. Wait 1-2 minutes until the file is successfully added in the Odin AP field.
  4. Once the file is added successfully in the Odin tool, reboot “Galaxy A7” in download mode.
  5. Put Samsung SM-G891A in Download Mode
  6. Switch off the Samsung SM-G891A device.
  7. Press and hold (Power Key + Home Button + Volume Down Key) together until you see a “Warning” error on your screen.
  8. Press the (Volume UP) key to continue.
  9. Now you are in “Download Mode”.
  10. Connect Samsung SM-G891A to the computer via a good “Micro USB Cable”.
  11. Once you see in Odin software that “ID COM” has converted to blue, that means your device has successfully connected to the computer & Odin software.
  12. Now click on the “START” button from “Odin Software” to flash with the combination file.
  13. Once you see a sign of “Pass!” in Odin software, means you have flashed successfully.
  14. Disconnect Samsung SM-G891A from the computer.
  15. Samsung SM-G891A will auto reboot to “Factory Binary”.

How To Enable Developer & Enable Mode

  1. Bring “Menu” by swiping from up to down.
  2. Tap on the “Settings Gear icon”.
  3. After that, tap on “About Phone”.
  4. Now tap 7 times quickly on “Build Number” to enable “Developer Mode”.
  5. After that, you will see “Mode Crash Watchdog!”. Just wait here.
  6. Now you will see “CP Crash UPLOAD Mode“.
  7. Press and hold (Volume DOWN + Power Key) until it shuts down.
  8. By pressing “Power Key” to switch on your device,
  9. Now again go to “Settings” by swiping from up to down.
  10. Now go to “Developer Options”.
  11. Make sure “USB Debugging” is enabled.
  12. Switch off the device by pressing the power key.

Now you can carry on to reset/bypass frp lock or Samsung or Google account on Samsung SM-G891A as you like.

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