Samsung Galaxy E7 (E700H E700F) TWRP


Samsung Galaxy E7 (E700H E700F) TWRP

Pre Requirements To Install TWRP Samsung Galaxy E7 (E700H E700F) :-

  • Galaxy E7 (E700H & E700F) and computer.
  • Odin: Link
  • TWRP: Link
  1. Download Odin at the link on the requirements for computer parts and unpacking if the download zip.
  2. Next, you need to start on the ” Download mode “using a combination of 3 keys Volume Down, Home, and Power in seconds.
  3. Connect your phone to the computer and launch Odin on your computer.
  4. When you connect the device, port ID: COM in Odin turns green. You will also see the message ” Added !! “the newspaper said a successful connection.
  5. If in case, Odin not detect your device, troubleshoot the following:
    1. Reboot your phone and disable USB Debugging and on again.
    2. Try reinstalling the drivers Samsung USB Driver.
    3. Try changing the USB cable and connect to other ports.
  6. Now click the AP on Odin and add files TWRP
  7. In the Options area, you should ensure to select ” Auto Reboot “and” F. Reset Time “.
  8. Now, click the Start in Odin to start installing TWRP.
  9. Once you get the message ” PASS! “on Odin, your device will reboot. A green signal indicates that you have successfully installed. In case you get the message ” Fail! “, you need to go step by step carefully controlled.

That done, now you can experience TWRP on Samsung Galaxy E7 your


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