The owners of the Samsung Galaxy A5 smartphone have long come to terms with the fact that it will never receive an official update, especially a larger one. Google released Android 10, and even the Galaxy S10 has not yet received a stable version of the OS from the manufacturer.

Galaxy A5 2017 SM-A520F Firmware

You won’t believe it, but so far stable custom firmware has been released based on Android 10 for the original Galaxy A5, which debuted back in 2014. The gadget entered the market with Android 4.4.4 but eventually upgraded to Android 7.0. Enthusiasts have ported software that is superior in functionality to many other gadgets.Of course, it was not without problems. The firmware developer is still working on fixing some problems, among which there is idle button illumination.

What works on this Custom Firmware?

  • A working communication module (calls, SMS, data transfer).
  • Wi-Fi and access point.
  • Bluetooth
  • Camera (photo and video).
  • Sound and media playback.
  • Positioning (GPS).
  • Sensors and FM radio.

You can install the firmware on any device of the first generation Galaxy A5 series. The developer promises support for the model SM-A500x. Thus, if you have a global model SM-A500F or European SM-A500FU, then you can upgrade your A5 to Android 10.

This firmware is installed through a custom recovery, and not like official updates from the manufacturer. If you know English, you can get all the information you need. at the XDA Developers Overseas Forum

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