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Saint Seiya: Shining Soldiers How To Be a Best Player

Saint Seiya: Shining Soldiers is the new fashion RPG of the Knights of the Zodiac. The famous manga/anime saga created by Kurumada keeps billing integers, and that’s why they keep publishing news about her whenever they can, as happens with Saint Seiya: Awakening.

Bandai Namco’s new game puts you once more in the shoes of the saints of Athena to try to save the world. However, this time he does it in 3 vs 3 duels, in which you will have to prove that you are the best to keep going. It is not an easy task, which is why we bring you the most complete guide to Saint Seiya: Shining Soldiers, especially if you are a beginner.

Tip and tricks to be the best in Saint Seiya: Shining Soldiers quickly

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The path to being the best warrior is not easy, but Shining Soldiers is a pretty young game. So while its user base is growing rapidly, it’s still relatively easy to upgrade and turn your knights into powerful characters. Later we will publish the list with the best characters, but this time we give you several tips to be the best in Saint Seiya: Shining Soldiers.

How to level up your knights quickly in Saint Seiya: Shining Soldiers

The maximum level that a character can reach in Saint Seiya: Shining Soldiers so far is level 100. However, everything points to this changing soon, when more new features are added and the number of users is greater. Reaching the highest level in a character is relatively easy, and there are several methods.

Level up your characters by fighting them

As it happens in all RPGs, the first way to level up your knights is by playing with them and participating in battles. We recommend starting at the training camp (visit it often) since the level of these enemies is low, and the rewards are good.

Once the training ground is small for you, it’s time to move on to the main story. The scenes of the Chronicles of the Cosmos will make you relive all the adventures of Seiya and his friends, facing all your rivals.

The level of challenge will be higher every time, so the experience rewards too. It’s a great method of leveling up, and you can play each part of the story on Normal, Hard, and Very Hard difficulty. The latter will also help you gain more experience.

There will come a point where the Chronicles of Cosmos will fall a little short. There it will be time to go online to fight real players or compete in qualifying events. Both modes work seasonally, so sometimes they are not active.

Distribute experience to weaker characters, participating in battles with strong characters

Distribute experience to weaker characters

If you like RPGs, you will surely know the Pokémon “Spread Experience” item. This item allows you to battle with a stronger character, and have the experience gained to be shared among other weaker characters on your team. In Shining Soldiers there is no such item, but there is a very similar mechanic.

When you participate in a battle, the experience gained is shared among the six characters in your party, and not just among the three who fought. Thus, you can have three strong characters in your group with whom you will always fight, and another three of low level. The latter will benefit from the achievements of the former until they can fend for themselves.

Level up your knights using experience drinks

The star method for leveling up your characters in Saint Seiya: Shining Soldiers is Experience Drinks. Starting at a certain level (I’d say around 30), the experience curve needed to level up increases exponentially, and the battle rewards aren’t enough.

In this way, climbing those last levels in a single character can take you weeks or even months, and it is not the idea. Luckily experience drinks exist in the game and are quite plentiful. You get them as a reward in battles, on the training ground, or as a gift for completing missions.

Like almost everything in Shining Soldiers, drinks are separated into colors (attributes), and those that are related to the color of your character will give you more experience. Thus, bronze related drinks give you 75 XP, and silver drinks 300 XP. If they are not drinks related to your attribute, the reward will be 50 XP (bronze) and 200 XP (silver).

Improve the skills of your characters in Saint Seiya: Shining Soldiers

What is the use of having a great level if you do not correctly master your power and abilities? This applies for life and for Saint Seiya: Shining Soldiers as well. Each character has Charging, Passive, and Group Effects abilities, and it is your duty to upgrade them to exploit their full potential. They are divided and improved as follows:

How to improve charging skills in Saint Seiya: Shining Soldiers

Charging skills are attacks that you can perform during battle. Each character has three, they are active from level 1 and each attack has an attribute (color). There are four types of charging skills:

  • Attacks that cause damage to the opponent’s life points.
  • Those that cause status effects, such as freezing, burns, poison, etc.
  • Those that affect your own or enemy’s statistics, such as an attack, health, defenses, etc.
  • Mixed loads, which combine two or more of the above.

Each charging ability can be upgraded up to five times, and to do so you need to use bronze and silver flames of the corresponding attribute color. You can get the flames on the training ground, in battles, in the market, and as quest rewards.

How to improve passive skills in Saint Seiya: Shining Soldiers

Passive abilities are those that are activated only when the character participates in a battle (even if he doesn’t fight). Its function affects the parameters of the characters (statistics), either improving yours or reducing those of the enemy. Sometimes they affect the three warriors, and other times there are activation conditions, such as fighter type (gold, bronze, wraith, etc.) or attribute (color).

Each character has a maximum of three passive abilities. The first is available from rank 1 (rank, not level), the second in rank 3, and the third in rank 6. They can be upgraded up to five times, and you do it with mirrors. As you might expect, bronze and silver mirrors are available on the training ground, in battles, the marketplace, or by completing missions.

How to improve group effects in Saint Seiya: Shining Soldiers

Group effects activate only when the knight is part of a group (team) but does not participate in the battle . Each character has a group effect, and they have the same characteristics as passive abilities.

You can improve group effects up to five times, and you do so using bronze and silver mirrors. These items are obtained, once again, by battling, on the training ground, as rewards, or at the market.

Summons new characters and improves the rank of the knights you already have

In Saint Seiya: Shining Soldiers it happens just like in Awakening, there are infinite improvement options, although here they are easier to understand. Likewise, the summons is also constant and are part of your knights’ power system. With them you can get new characters, as well as obtain pieces from others you already have to raise them in rank. We leave you some tricks:

Tricks for summoning knights in Saint Seiya: Shining Soldiers

Summons are made using Galactic Stones (the game’s premium currency) or Summoning Invitations (Silver, Gold, and Specials). Here are our recommendations for summoning characters in Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers:

  • Take advantage of daily summon offers: Every time a new day begins, all galactic stone summons receive a discount for the first summons you to pay. The price of a summon is 100 Galactic Stones, but the offer brings them down to 20. Never forget to take advantage of this.
  • Take advantage of summon events: Events are created from time to time to save some galactic stones. In these, there is cumulative summons that gradually improves your chance of getting powerful characters. The first levels are very worthwhile, but the last ones represent a great investment of stones, use them with care.

Regarding invitations, there is not much to say, they are the ones that are most likely in your favor, but they are difficult to achieve. You can earn gold and silver invitations by completing quests, in the market, as login bonuses, or based on your event ranking. Special invitations are only obtained in events, they are used to invoke specific characters, and after the event ends they are useless.

How to improve the rank of your knights in Saint Seiya: Shining Soldiers

Each knight can reach rank 15 (for now), and it is something that increases as you get pieces of that character. To obtain pieces of knights there are several methods:

  • When you summon knights you already have.
  • Exchanging tables and event medals in the market.
  • How to login rewards.
  • Completing missions.

Unlike SS: Awakening which has southern luck to improve your summoning chances, there is no such thing in Shining Soldiers. However, there are a couple of very curious things that we have noticed in the invocations, with which you can get an idea of ​​the characters that come.

Every time you invoke in-game and download new data, it is because you will summon a new character. Likewise, when the summon animation changes, your chances of summoning a powerful character will increase (even if you already have one).

You notice the invocation animation in two ways: first, they are shooting stars that appear in the sky when Seiya jumps to charge his Pegasus meteors. The second, you will notice just before launching the meteors, because Seiya will not, and will let other bronze companions launch their attack.

This whole process is random, there is no way to control it. And remember, the animation thing is just an increase in odds, nothing more.

Learn how to take advantage of each character’s attributes in Saint Seiya: Shining Soldiers

In Shining Soldiers there are five attributes (colors), and they work very similar to the types in Pokémon, that is, by positive or negative affinity. The attributes are blue, green, red, white, and black. This is their affinity:

Strong against
Weak against
blue Red. Green. Blue, black and white.
Green Blue. Red. Green, black and white.
Red Green. Blue. Red, black and white.
White Black. Black. White, blue, green, and red.
Black White. White. Black, blue, green, and red.

This is something that you should take very into account when carrying out a battle. Fighting an enemy that is strong against your attribute can greatly complicate your existence. Also, you fight with a positive affinity attribute that will help you a lot.

In the same way, the affinity of attributes can also be improved. The first way is by increasing the rank of your knight, you will get a very big improvement when reaching ranks 12 and 15. The other method is through passive abilities and group effects.

Three annotations:

  • The most powerful characters are capable of having charge abilities (attacks) of different attributes, even when their main attribute is one.
  • The affinity of the black and white attributes is bidirectional between them, like the duality between good and evil. Not that the table is wrong.
  • When there is a neutral affinity, you will not receive bonuses or attack power penalties. However, the black and white attributes are as rare as they are powerful, and although they have neutral affinity they do a lot of damage.

Get to know your knights very well in Saint Seiya: Shining Soldiers

In any RPG it is essential that you know your characters well, and SS: Shining Soldiers is no exception. Each character has unique characteristics that you must know perfectly. This way you will know when and against which rivals to use them to emerge victoriously.

All features are important, and for each, there is a tip. We will make a guide about this later, but these are the most relevant for us:

  • Attributes: Fight with positive affinity whenever you can.
  • Knight level and rank: You must increase it as much as you can to improve your power.
  • Equipment: Empower your gentlemen’s weak parameters (stats) with equipment items.
  • Loads, Abilities, and Effects – Learn about them in detail to find out how to combine your knights into groups.
  • Charging Skills Speed ​​and Damage: Each attack has a specific speed and damage. It is important to know them because sometimes it will be necessary to use a lot of power, and at other times it will be better to attack quickly to get out of a hurry.

Knowing the battle styles is also very important in Shining Soldiers

A very important characteristic of each knight is his battle style, and you must know him very well to succeed. Altogether there are four battle styles in Saint Seiya: Shining Soldiers:

  • Attacker: Outstanding in attack power, but weak in defense.
  • Defender: the opposite of the previous one, excellent defense, but mediocre attack.
  • Assistant: specialist in supporting allies. His attack and defense tend to be regular, his luck is very good.
  • Blocker: Specialized in hindering enemy abilities. Attack and regular defense, his evasion is very good.

Likewise, another characteristic to know is the type of loading skills that exist. There are spiritual and physical abilities. Thus, if you have a character whose charge abilities are spiritual, it is useless to improve his physical attack, the same in the opposite case.

Likewise, a knight with physical charge abilities surely lacks spiritual defense, so it would be good to improve that parameter. As it happens with the knights of spiritual abilities and their physical defense.

Create balanced groups to fight in Saint Seiya: Shining Soldiers battles and win

It is no use knowing your knights very well if you do not know how to put them together. Ideally, in all types of RPGs, and especially those that use battle equipment, your group should have the best possible balance. A character must be able to cover his weaknesses and enhance his strengths with the support of the rest of his team.

Similarly, in Saint Seiya: Shining Soldiers you can create up to seven different groups, each for a type of situation, and with six characters. Thus, one group can be that of your best characters, another can be to improve the experience of weak knights, another can be an attack steamroller, one can be a group of great defense, etc. In short, the combinations are almost infinite. These are our recommendations so that you have a balanced team easily:

Have multi-attribute characters in your party to be the best

This allows you to play around with character affinity, and thus take advantage of positive affinity. If you have the luxury of having a black or white attribute character, feel free to add it to the group. It also helps if you have various attribute loading abilities.

Create groups with characters of different battle styles

This will allow you to take advantage of the benefits of each one and will get you out of more than one predicament. It is perhaps the most difficult balance to achieve because it also depends on the attribute of the character, but little by little you will get the hang of it. Later we will bring a specific guide for these purposes.

Set up support skills correctly to increase your chances of winning battles

Supportability is the same charge abilities (attacks) but that you can use when a character is secondary in battle. You can configure an attack as a support ability for each character. Ideally, support skills should be high-speed and multi-attribute, as this can save you from certain defeat.

Your cosmos must have a variety to be the best player of all

Each character has three types of cosmos (A, B, and C), one per charge ability, and is what allows you to attack. The more units of cosmos an ability has, the more powerful the damage or affect it will generate. Likewise, when you manage to gather 7 units of the same cosmos, you will be able to carry out attacks of the seventh sense (maximum power).

The units of the cosmos are distributed in each turn, six units at a time, and relatively randomly. Why relatively? Because the probability that you get more units of one type or another depends on your warriors.

Each base group has four units of cosmos A, four of cosmos B, and four of cosmos C. However, each character is capable of adding up to three units of cosmos (they can be different, or even the same).

Thus, as you add characters, they can be very balanced with each other, but if you are not careful you can end up with a lot of one cosmos, and very little of anotherWhat is the danger of this? That the most powerful attacks of your characters depend on that scarce cosmos.

Unleash the full potential of your knights in Saint Seiya: Shining Soldiers

Along with everything we have already said, there is still another feature that you can improve on your knights. It is the awakening of the constellation, and in short, what it does is increase your parameters as you awaken more and more power.

Every knight can awaken their potential from level 1, and as you awaken more panels, the more power you will gain. But even the constellation awakening has categories. Each wake-up board has 60 wakes up panels and 1 core panel. When you activate a certain number of panels on one board, you can open the next one by awakening the core, even if you don’t have all the panels from the previous one.

Each awakening board has a category, and this is the one that allows you to increase your maximum knight level. Thus, the first board is the bronze one, which allows you to reach level 50; Next up is the Bronze + board, and it allows you to climb to level 100. As of this writing, these are the only categories available, but everything points to more coming.

How to activate constellation awakening panels in Saint Seiya: Shining Soldiers

Every time you activate an awakening panel, you will increase one of your character’s parameters, depending on what that panel indicates. To activate the wake-up panels you will need three things:

  • Stardust: There is one for each attribute, and you will have to use the ones that are requested in each panel. Stardust is primarily obtained from training camp, but you can also redeem it in the market or earn it as a reward for battles and missions.
  • Constellation Points: It is a currency of exchange that serves only to awaken panels. Awarded for winning battles in Chronicles of the Cosmos (story) mode.
  • Coins – The standard in-game money, which you can use both here and in team-building and upgrading. They are obtained by winning battles, on the training ground, as a mission reward, and by redeeming galactic stones or pieces (bronze, silver, and gold).

Once you have the requirements of each panel, you can activate it without any problem. How can you expect, as you wake up more panels, the requirements of the following will be higher. Likewise, on the first board, you will only need Stardust of your attribute, but on the second you will need yours and your weak attribute.

Create and improve a team that reduces your weaknesses, or exploits your strengths

Another classic RPG that SS: Shining Soldiers has is that you can equip your knights with items that improve their parameters. The team increases up to three parameters (health points, and two more that vary), and they get a random bonus when you create it or improve it (freeze, percentage of health, attack, affinity, etc.). Equipment can be placed on six parts of the body of each knight.

As of this writing, there are five categories of equipment, and each item can be improved twice.

  • Heliolite: it is the simplest equipment category, you can equip it on any character.
  • Citrine – Low-level gear, requires characters of level 25 or higher.
  • Morganite: Medium level gear, requires characters of level 50 or higher.
  • Amethyst – High-level gear, for characters level 75 or higher.
  • Divine / Mystical: Ultimate gear, you can’t create it, and you can use it on characters of level 50 or higher. They are the only ones with effect settings, an additional bonus.

Tricks to improve equipment in Saint Seiya: Shining Soldiers and have the best

As in everything, there is no single method to be the best in a game, but we have our own that has worked very well for us. But first a couple of clarifications:

  • Each item can be equipped to a single character.
  • The same character that is in several groups, will not keep the team, the game takes it as a different character.

With these two things in mind, you can get the idea that you will have to create and improve many equipment items. This is fairly true, but if you follow these recommendations there probably won’t be that many:

  • Don’t waste resources creating or improving low-quality equipment. With all the recommendations we gave you to quickly level up, a character’s level 50 is just around the corner.
  • Create and upgrade gear that is useful to your characters. If your character has low defense, create items that improve it (reduces weaknesses), does he have a good physical attack? Create items that increase your power (exploit strengths).
  • Create and upgrade only the necessary equipment. It is useless to have your drawer full of equipment that you are not taking advantage of. Do not have excess equipment items, or spend resources improving them. Of your 7 groups you will surely use 2 or 3 constantly, so create a team for those groups and their characters only.

Likewise, sell or dismantle all the equipment you earn and will not useHow do you earn equipment items and materials? As in almost everything: winning battles, redeeming in the market, such as quests rewards and events, etc.

How to quickly get rewards in Saint Seiya: Shining Soldiers

One last recommendation we can give you to close this guide: once you pass the battle trials, use the skip tickets. These are items that you collect in large quantities during the game, and prevent you from having to participate in a battle to earn rewards.

You will be able to use them only when completing the tests of a battle in the Cosmos Chronicles mode. Trials are the stars of that battle, and you will need to complete three missions to have them all. Skip tickets will allow you to quickly earn rewards.

Ready to be the best in Saint Seiya: Shining Soldiers? Surely with these fabulous tricks, you will achieve it in the blink of an eye.

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