Root Samsung Phone Via Magisk and Odin

Root Galaxy A02 SM-A022M Binary 3 - Magisk

If you want to learn how to use Magisk and Odin to root your Samsung device, you’ve come to the correct place. In this detailed guide, we will show you how to do everything by yourself. By the conclusion of this piece, your Samsung device will be rooted and have Magisk and Odin installed, so you’ll be able to take it to a higher level.


Rooting a Samsung phone lets you customize it and take full control. Rooting Samsung phones with Magisk and Odin is common. This article will help you root your Samsung phone using Magisk and Odin.

Before we get into the details of how to root your mobile, you should know that doing so will invalidate your warranty and could make your software unstable. Even so, with the right safety measures in place and some basic necessary knowledge, rooting can be done with little effort.

Understanding Rooting and its Advantages

To “root” an Android device is to gain access to its underlying operating system in a way that is normally reserved for developers and system administrators. The advantages of rooting your Samsung device include:

  • Removing bloatware and pre-installed apps
  • Installing custom ROMs and kernels for improved performance and battery life
  • Customizing system fonts, icons, and themes
  • Backing up and restoring your phone’s data
  • Increasing internal storage space by moving apps to the SD card
  • Boosting CPU and GPU performance through overclocking

By root access on your device, you can access its firmware and make changes to its code and settings. This allows you to install custom ROMs and perform advanced tweaks Flashing Magisk Modules, Xposed FrameworkSubstratum Themes, and Viper4Android, which are not possible on stock Firmware.

Preparing Your Samsung Phone for Rooting

Before rooting your Samsung device, it is essential to take these few steps to guarantee a smooth and secure process. Following are the steps you should take:

Backing up your Data

Rooting your phone may result in data loss, so it is essential that you back up all your important files and settings in advance. You can make an entire backup of your phone’s data using either Samsung’s built-in backup feature or third-party using this guide.

Unlock Bootloader On Samsung Galaxy Phones

To root your device and connect it to your computer, you must enable USB debugging from the Developer Options menu. To do so follow our detailed Guide on Unlocking Bootloader On Samsung Galaxy Phones.

Downloading the Correct Stock Firmware.

Visit the Samsung stock firmware page to download the stock firmware for your Samsung device. You will need two pieces of information to download the correct firmware: the model number of your phone and it’s CSC (Country/Region Code). To find the model number of your phone, navigate to Settings About phone.

To avoid any problems or incompatibilities, be sure to download the correct firmware for your phone model and region.

Download 7zip and LZ4 Tools

We need to extract the firmware after we’ve downloaded it. To extract the firmware, we’ll need to use an lz4 extract tool, which you can get from the link below.

Download: 7zip Tool
Download: LZ4 Tool

Root Samsung Phone via Magisk and Odin

Preparing Patched Boot Image file

  • Use 7zip to unzip the “AP” firmware package.
  • Open the extracted folder and extract the AP firmware file once more.

extract the AP firmware file

  • Now look for the boot.img.lz4 file.

boot.img.lz4 file.

  • Transfer boot.img.lz4 to the LZ4 Installed folder.
LZ4 Installed folder.

Next, we need to convert boot.img.lz4 to boot.img file.

  • Enter the extracted lz4 folder.
  • Drag the boot.img.lz4 file to the lz4.exe application.

Drag the boot.img.lz4

  • This procedure converts the boot.img.lz4 file to the boot.img format.

Patch the boot.img Firmware File with Magisk App

  • Install the Magisk App on your phone.
  • Launch the Magisk App.
  • Click the INSTALL button.

Patch the boot.img File with Magisk App

  • Then choose and patch a file.
  • Select the boot.img file.
  • Once the file has been selected, press the LET’S GO button.
  • The patched file is in the Downloads folder.
  • Connect your phone to your PC and save the magisk patched.img file to your hard drive.

Convert.IMG File to. TAR (For ODIN)

  • Install the first 7zip software on your computer.
  • Right-click on magisk patched.img and select 7zip > Add to archive.

Convert.IMG File to. TAR (For ODIN)

  • Archive formats select tar and click OK.
select tar and click OK.
We finally generated the magisk-patched.tar file for ODIN (AP)

Boot your Samsung phones into Download Mode

  • Turn off your cell phone first.
  • Connect your phone to your computer via its data cable and the volume up and down buttons.

“If your phone has a Bixby button, hit “Volume Down,” “Bixby,” and “Power Button” all at the same time.”

  • The Bootloader warning screen will now appear.
  • Press the Volume Up button for a long time to open the bootloader.
  • If your phone’s bootloader is already unlocked, all you have to do is press the volume up button once.
  • You get into download mode by using this method.

Boot Samsung Galaxy Device into Download Mode

Flash Magisk_Patched.tar using Odin flash tool

  • Launch the Odin Tool.
  • Attach your Samsung Galaxy phone to your desktop or laptop.
  • The ID:COM section will turn blue. It indicates that the port is active.

BL: Select the firmware file starting BL.
AP: Select the Magisk Patched AP firmware file (magisk_patched.tar)
CP: Select the firmware file starting CP.
CSC: Select the firmware file starting HOME_CSC.


  • After that, click On start to begin the flashing process.
  • The first boot will take some time to finish.

If you complete all of the steps below, you will be able to successfully root your Samsung phone. After powering on, you should see the Magisk App install on your phone.


Rooting a Smartphone allows you to gain access to your device’s file system and settings. This is a good step to take if you want to customize your phone or unlock its maximum potential. Rooting a Samsung phone, on the other hand, comes with some risks and may void your warranty. The following are answers to some frequently asked questions about rooting Samsung phones.

Can I root my Samsung Phone without Custom Recovery?

You can root your Smartphone without using a custom recovery. There are other ways to root your device that don’t require a custom recovery. For more information, see the “Root Samsung Phone Using Magisk and Odin” guide.


Finally, rooting your Samsung phone can unlock a world of personalization and optimization options. Even so, before proceeding, it is vital to weigh the potential benefits against the risks. Before trying to root your Samsung phone, make sure you read and follow a good guide, back up your important information, and recognize the potential hazards. Rooting can be a wonderful experience for advanced users who are looking to get the most out of their devices with the right preparation and knowledge.


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