How To Root Moto G100 XT2125-4 NIO Using Magisk

Moto G100 XT2125-4 NIO Firmware

In case you didn’t know, the process that allows Moto G100 XT2125-4 NIO users to gain full control of the operating system is called root. When rooting a mobile, you can modify everything. And this time, we will tell you How To Root Moto G100 XT2125-4 NIO Using Magisk

Be careful, some applications may stop working if they detect that the device is rooted. In addition, it is a procedure that breaks the warranty of your mobile, and it can become a problem if in the future you need to take it to the official technical service. But if you still want to be a superuser on Moto G100 XT2125-4 NIO, then go ahead with the following guide.

Why should I root my Android mobile?

The main reason to root the mobile is that it allows us to configure and modify any section of the phone. This means that everything concerning the operating system can be changed without any problem, we can demand more from the hardware if we wish.


In addition, we will have total freedom to install custom ROMs, it will be possible to uninstall factory applications, block ads when browsing, and much more.

How To Patch The Moto G100 XT2125-4 NIO boot.img Using Magisk and Root

  • Aiomobilestuff is not responsible for any damages or bricks made to your device.
  • Please do some research if you have any concerns about rooting, its features, and its downsides.
  • You are choosing to make these modifications, you should blame yourself for any mistakes you make.
  • Rooting will void your device warranty. By rooting your device, you will not be able to install OTA updates on your phone.
    US carrier-specific devices such as Verizon and Sprint might not be bootloader unlockable, therefore, not rootable.

Pre-requirement To Root

To begin rooting your Moto G100 XT2125-4 NIO, you will need the following things:


Download Moto G100 XT2125-4 NIO Boot.img

Download And Extract Boot Image Form Here

How to Patch Moto G100 XT2125-4 NIO Stock Boot Image via Magisk

1: Transfer the boot image to your phone.


2: On your phone, open the Magisk app.

3: Select “Install” > “Install” > “Select and Patch a File”

4: Locate the boot image in the internal storage on your phone. Select the boot.img file.

Locate the moto boot image in the internal storage


5: Transfer the magisk_patched.img file on your computer. You can find the path of the file under the “Output File is placed in:”, on the 4th image.

How To Root

6: Booting into Fastboot Mode

Boot the device into fastboot mode by holding the [Volume Down] and [Power] buttons.

Booting into Fastboot Mode


7: Connect your phone to your PC.

8: On your PC, open a fastboot console window.


fastboot devices

Your phone serial number should be displayed along with the word “fastboot” or “device” in the console.


Step 9: Now, type the following commands:

fastboot flash boot_a patched_boot.img
fastboot flash boot_b patched_boot.img

Replace patched_boot.img with the path to your boot image we patched previously.

9: To reboot the device, type:

fastboot reboot

10: Once the device rebooted, open the Magisk app.


If you see the “Magisk is installed” message, you have successfully rooted your device!

Magisk is installed

You are done! if you wish to unroot and roll back to the factory state then go here download and install Moto G100 XT2125-4 NIO stock firmware.

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