Remove the Home Screen Button in iOS 16


iOS 16 changes the lock screen and home screen. iPhone now has a search button. It’s above the dock. If you prefer a clean home screen and the page indicator, read on to remove the search button in iOS 16.

New iPhone search feature. People can access spotlight search by using a swipe-down gesture on the home screen or lock screen. The gesture functionality has been on the iPhone for years, but it’s still a mystery to some. Spotlight search finds apps, files, contacts, and emails.


You can remove the iPhone search button if you prefer a swipe gesture.

Let’s begin.

iOS 16 Search Button Removal

If you’re a Pro user who prefers a clean home screen, you can replace the search button with the page indicator. You can easily remove the button from the Home Screen Settings.

How to remove Home Screen Search

  • Open Settings on your iOS 16 iPhone.
  • Tap Home Screen after swiping down.
  • Turn off Show on Home Screen in Home Screen’s Search section.

When you swipe up to go home, you’ll see the home screen indicator instead of Search. You can still search on your iPhone with a swipe-down gesture or Siri.

To turn on Search, go to home screen settings.

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