remotely record the screen of a Xiaomi mobile

Want to learn to break anyone’s privacy, In this article will focus on parents who care about what their children do on their phones and they want to watch them. Although there are different spy apps, we are going to recommend the best one. We are going to teach you how to remotely record instant messaging applications on Xiaomi phones.

A screen recording app or spy apps is better

recording app or spy apps is better

Maybe you think that a screen recording app would be great for what you need it to do, keep an eye on your children. Well no, in screen recording applications you cannot access directly on the target mobile, you will only be able to record the screen and not all the activity of the smartphone, in addition, you will not be able to access files in the local storage of the device or prevent the user of the phone uninstall the application, as the app is not completely hidden.

For reasons like these, we recommend using spy apps like XNSPY so that you can monitor the activity within the app and secretly record the screen of a Xiaomi mobile.

What can a spy app do?

These types of apps get all the remote monitoring options with updated tools. Most spy apps can take screenshots and enable screen recording remotely as long as both phones are connected to the Internet.

What should you know before installing an Android spy app?

What should you know before installing an Android spy

First, you must know exactly what you want to spy on, whether it is text messages, mobile location, social networks or call logs. You need physical access to the mobile to spy, you must install the spy app and in some cases, the mobile must be rooted.

It is also very important that you eliminate the traces of the application so that the other person does not notice that you are spying on them. The best apps allow you to hide the icon of your application on your mobile.

Choose an Android spy software

Choose an Android spy software

We recommend XNSPY, with this app you will have access to information from messaging applications, call logs, text messages, emails, WhatsApp chats, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Tinder, and other popular platforms. You can also have access to the GPS location and activities on social networks.

To access the information collected by this software, you only need to have a device with Internet access. Everything is stored in your personal XNSPY account for you to review when you need to. This platform offers all the functions that a parent is concerned about their child’s digital activity needs.

How to record the screen of a Xiaomi mobile remotely with XNSPY?

Once you have contracted the services of a spy app like XNSPY, they will give you the credentials to be able to log in to their website, their monitoring app for Android and they will send you their installation guide by email. Now we will explain you step by step:

  • When you subscribe to XNSPY for Android you will receive an email with the download link of the app, an activation code, and the guide to configure your account.
  • You must have physical access to the mobile to spy and use the link provided to install the XNSPY app. You can hide the application icon and you must wait 1 or 2 days to log into your account to start receiving mobile data.
  • After that time, you can log into your XNSPY account from your computer or from the app that is available on Google Play.
  • Then the platform panel will open showing the data of the spying device.

You already have everything configured to spy on an Android device from your computer or mobile. We hope you use this tool responsibly. Tell us, did you find this platform useful?


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