Download Free Templates and Themes For Presentations

PowerPoint is the preferred program for making presentations. However, the default resources offered by Microsoft Office are quite limited. So today we present the best websites to download free PPT, templates, and themes for PowerPoint.

PowerPoint is a relatively easy-to-use program interacting with the toolbar you will find everything you need to create a practically professional presentation, but as mentioned the templates that it includes by default are few and are not enough if you want to give your slides an original twist.

In addition to representing the contents schematically and legibly, it is also important to have a good design.

If you are one of those who have to make frequent presentations, you will surely know all the tricks of PowerPoint and the PPT templates with which the kids of Mountain View work.

Some models are too similar to each other and with them, we risk boring our audience since they are used by the vast majority of users.

But as in many other things, the internet helps us and saves us time, since it offers us infinite free PowerPoint templates, so you just have to worry about what data or information to add to the slides and download the graphic from the web.

We will present in detail below sites where to download for free useful models and themes to create a cover letter, a curriculum, a genealogical tree, concept maps, diagrams, slides, or any type of presentation you need.

Websites to download free templates and themes for your PowerPoint presentations

To distinguish ourselves from innovative PowerPoint presentations, we have two options: create our slides or go to one of the many Web pages with PowerPoint templates to download.

In the first case, we must keep in mind that we will have to spend more time thinking about the appearance of each of the details. The second option is to download PPT Gratis ready-to-use PowerPoint templates.

In addition to attracting the attention of our viewers, it will save us significant time that we can use to dedicate it to other parts of the presentation such as content (images and videos included).

THE websites with free PowerPoint templates are accessible by any user and can be used in any field, be it professional, work, school, academic, personal, or other.

We must also add the fact that it is not necessary to have a great knowledge of graphic design to use them and with which it will be very easy to create interesting PowerPoint presentations.

PowerPoint Templates: Microsoft Office

We can’t start this list of best web pages with PowerPoint templates without referring to Microsoft Office. There is one on the official website section specification dedicated to PowerPoint templates and themes, where you can download these resources for free.

We have two alternatives: browse until you find the model we like best; or do it through Categories or by Event and Occasion (there are also Excel and Word models).

Presentation Magazine

A domain with this name can only mean one thing: on this website, you can download free PowerPoint templates for the versions of PowerPoint 2017 and 2010. They are also valid for the new versions of MS Office PowerPoint 2013, including PowerPoint 3D presentations.

The different models that we can download from here are organized according to different themes: business, medicine, education, engineering, abstract, religion, and nature, among other categories.

Free PowerPoint Themes

One of the best alternatives to find free PowerPoint themes è Free PowerPoint Templates. On this site, you will find more than 9,000 free resources to download to your computer on various topics: business, industry, stationery, animals, etc.

They are sorted by category, by topic, and by keyword, so you can get an idea of ​​what the most popular PowerPoint templates are.


In Indiezine we have over 6,000 free PowerPoint templates to download. They appear sorted by themes such as animals, parties, Valentine’s Day, winter, cakes, in a large catalog.

To download a template, go to the single page of the PowerPoint template. Each page contains a download link for 25 templates (the template for the page you are visiting, plus 24 other PowerPoint templates).


If you want to do PowerPoint presentations online, SlidesCarnival is an excellent tool. You can also download them to work on your computer. With this resource, you will have access to a large number of free and quality themes with which to make excellent presentations.

From their menu, you will find models classified by categories: formal, stimulating, creative, simple, startup, elegant, fun, and professional.


In case the previous sites don’t suffice, SlideHunter offers you over 4,000 free PowerPoint templates sorted by thematic categories and also by content: diagrams, 3D, graphics …

Each presentation is explained in detail, as well as showing a preview. There are very successful projects, which emphasize the combinations of content to view information differently than the usual dotted list.

The only negative is that, in exchange for downloading the models, you have to share the page on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+. To do this once, you will need to register for free as a SlideHunter user.

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