Redmi Note 4 Android 10 Update Pixel Experience

Redmi Note 4 Android 10

There are smartphones that never die even if official support vanishes in the air. One of them is Redmi Note 4, still highly appreciated despite his successors having surpassed him in both hardware and photographic side. Despite this, however, he remains one of the most loved notes:

it will be because “once” smartphones have a completely different temperament. In any case, official support for Android 10, unfortunately, it never came, mainly because of its seniority. However, the unofficial support comes to the rescue, that is, the one that comes from the teams behind the Custom ROMs like Pixel Experience.

Even the old glories like Redmi Note 4 can have Android 10: where the official support does not arrive, the hand of Pixel Experience shows up

Four years have passed since its release, but a large number of users have decided to continue using it, avoiding changing it with its successor. These same users will be delighted to know that Redmi Note 4 can now take advantage of the latest release of the green robot Android 10 thanks to one ROM custom Pixel Experience.

As the name suggests, the experience that can be enjoyed thanks to this ROM based on Android 10 is that of Google Pixels. As we already inform you that You can now install Android 10 on Redmi Note 4, OnePlus five, and more.

Consequently, all the applications of the Mountain View giant in California will be present. It, therefore, approaches an experience without bloatware and without giving up on those little gems that only such a system can give. It goes without saying that this custom ROM cannot be installed as a simple updater update.

In fact, to install a custom ROM, you need to make some particular steps: you have to initially unlock the bootloader of the device ed, having installed TWRP recovery on the device to flash the Pixel Experience. It is not difficult, but we only recommend to those who know what to do to proceed. Also, remember that quite a lot is recommended backup before starting the whole process. Below is the link to download for recovery.

Download Pixel Experience Android 10 for Redmi Note 4

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