Redline Rush, a new racing game for Android

Redline Rush game for Android
Redline Rush game for Android

Redline Rush for Android

Rush Redline is a racing game too conventional because instead of competing against other riders what we have to do is escape the police in the middle of congested traffic. On the way we go collecting coins and power-ups to improve our car and so go unlock more options and content.

Redline Rush game for Android

In Redline Rush can unlock eight cars, three lanes and several power-ups to improve and achieve our vehicle travel as far as possible without injury and without getting caught to score as many points as we can. For this you must use all your driving skills and be smart to avoid police blocked streets to catch. Will you be able to?

This game this good graphics and interesting physical though not comparable with top racing games like Asphalt or Need for Speed

Download Redline Rush

Redline Rush can be downloaded for free from Google Play and requires Android 2.2 or higher. While it is free, comes with in-app purchases for faster improvements.