How To Recover Deleted Photos Form Android


Have you inadvertently deleted or lost a photo on your smartphone and are looking for a way to recover Android photos? You are in the right place then! While cleaning the phone memory, you may run into unpleasant problems, such as removing photos by mistake.

Unfortunately, it can happen to everyone, but know that there are various remedies. In fact, you can resort to applications for the recovery of deleted photos or, in some cases, you can even rely on Google.

The important thing is that not much time has passed since the photo was deleted, as time is a determining factor in these situations. If you own a PC, we invite you to recover it, as it will help you not to fill the phone memory by overwriting your files.

It is good to know that some of the applications that we will propose you need the root to work but we will also talk about some methods to recover deleted Android photos without root.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I invite you to read our guide where we explain in detail what root is and if it makes sense to do it. Let’s see, therefore, how to recover deleted photos on Android.

How to recover deleted photos on Android

As mentioned earlier, there are numerous methods for recovering deleted photos. You can attempt a backup with Google, use your PC, or directly your smartphone. You will have to choose the right method according to your needs.

Android deleted photo recovery with Google Photos

If you use Google Photos as a backup tool for photos on your device, then you will have a good chance of recovering your photos. When photos are deleted from Google Photos, they remain in the trash for 60 days, within which they can be recovered without problems. In fact, it will be enough for you:

  • Open Google Photos
  • Access the menu by pressing the icon on the top right
  • Click on Trash

Now you should view all the images that you have deleted within 60 days. If unfortunately, the photo of your interest does not appear, it was probably deleted a long time ago. In this case, you will have to opt for another strategy.

How to recover deleted photos from Android with PhotoRec

PhotoRec is an Android photo recovery software but also from external storage units (for example an SD card ). Its use is very simple and, if you are lucky, in a few steps you will have restored your photos. The first thing to do is to download PhotoRec and install it following the wizard.

Next, you will need to connect the SD card to the computer (via SD or USB adapters ).

To start the memory scan and recover any files you will need:

  • Start the executable qphotorec_win.exe
  • Select the drive for the SD card
  • Select the primary entry of the card partition
  • Check the NAT / NTFS / HFS + / ReiferFS / Free entries
  • Click on File Formats and tick JPG / PNG (to recover only the photos), then confirm by pressing ok
  • Select the destination folder of the recovered files
  • Start the search by pressing Browse

At this point, the scan will begin and its duration will depend on the size of the memory to be analyzed. At the end of the scan, any recovered photos will be in the folder you selected.

Recover deleted photos from Android with DiskDigger

DiskDigger is an excellent application to recover deleted photos on Android. The application is available for free on the Google Play Store and will allow you to recover photos in JPG and PNG format. In addition, there is also a paid version, which includes all the features and all available formats of the files to be recovered.

With this app it is also easy to recover Samsung deleted photos, devices often used by users but which do not always manage to get back the images deleted by mistake.

It is good to know that the application works even without root but allows the scanning of a limited number of files. To analyze all the files in memory, you will need an Android phone with root. After downloading and installing the application you will:

  • Select the drive to be scanned for file recovery
  • Check the JPG item (and PNG in the case)
  • Confirm by pressing OK

The scan will take a few minutes, and at its end, you will be able to view all the recovered images. Then all you have to do is select the photos of your interest and press on Recover. A drop-down menu will open containing several icons, each of which indicates a save option :

  • Cloud: it will allow you to recover the selected images by sending them to your email or by uploading them to a cloud storage service.
  • Folder: the images will be saved in the memory of your smartphone.
  • Arrow: allows you to upload images to an FTP server.

You will have to choose the right alternative according to your needs.

These are the best strategies for recovering deleted photos on Android.

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