Best applications to convert texts to audio or voice

Not all people have the ability to read without any problem. For those people who have difficulties, as we have already mentioned above, the best solution is to transform these documents into audio. In this way, they will be able to enjoy reading more comfortably and simply, although the result may not be the same. This is because listening to a text is not perceived in the same way as if we read it, since it will cost us more to store it in our mind. Be that as it may, with these tools you can easily convert your texts to speech.

Voice change, reading speed … and much more

These apps offer a lot of tools to make reading easier. Most are capable of reading a lot of formats, as well as choosing between different voices. Reading speed is also an important factor since not all of us perceive information at the same speed. Some even allow us to read documents or texts on paper thanks to the built-in scanner. Our mobile includes by default several of these options, but in the store, Google plays We can find a wide range of options that will make this task easier for us.

Pass any document from text to speech with these tools


talk app

And we start the list with an application that will allow us to read texts aloud thanks to the voice synthesis of our device. If you do not have this engine, you will have to download one from Google Play. With more than 5 million downloads, Talk offers a simple and comfortable interface through which we can transform any document into audio. Can read websites, and you can pause and resume reading at any time. There is a lot of Languages available, although some require an Internet connection. On the other hand, files are exported to format Wav so you can access them at any time. Its paid version does not offer any more tools, but it will remove the ads.

Text to speech

text to speech

This application will allow you to upload files PDF Y TXT of your e-books, emails, news, and many more documents. Thanks to the voice recognition of Google, with which it has compatibility, you can easily enter or write text. You can scan your books or paper documents through the camera of your device and the OCR system. You also have the possibility to load web pages and write your own text so that it can be quickly spoken. Among the customization options, you can change the language, the reading speed, and the tone of voice. All this completely free of charge and with no word limit. Then you can share your texts by mail or copy them to the clipboard.

Google speech synthesis

google speech synthesis

The Mountain View company created this tool to allow applications to read aloud text displayed on the screen. It is available by default on the vast majority of Android devices. You can use it in Google Play Books to read your favorite title thanks to the function “read out loud”. The Translator from the Californian company is also compatible, and you will be able to hear the translations of the texts and how each word is pronounced. On the other hand, TalkBack and the rest of the applications of accessibility will offer you voice messages for the visually impaired. You can configure it in Settings> Language and text input> Speech synthesis, and it is available in more than 40 different languages.

@Voice Aloud Reader

@Voice Aloud Reader read aloud the texts that are shown in the applications of our phone. Like the previous ones, we must have a text-to-speech conversion engine installed, and the app proposes some such as Ivona or SVOX. We will simply have to share texts or send them by mail to this app, and it will automatically read it out loud through speakers or headphones. If this function is not available, we will copy the text and paste it directly. Supports text, PDF, or HTLM files. Access to them is very convenient, being able to save them to read later and create lists of articles. In addition, you can set additional pauses between paragraphs and start reading as soon as you open a document

Narrator’s Voice

This application, in addition to reading application texts, web pages, messages, and other sources, allows us to do it in a very fun way. And it is that we can customize the voice of the narrator to the maximum, adding a lot of sound effects. We can add echo, gargle, and some voices as epic as Loquendo, Siri, or Korean. Each language includes different tones for both male and female voices. On the other hand, we can add our own text and then run and edit it in your synthesizer, being ideal for voice-over and adding it to all kinds of presentations and videos. In addition, we can save our creations directly in format mp3.

Moon + Reader

moon + reader

This book reader contains a lot of really useful features. It has an extensive online library with thousands of titles, all for free. It supports all kinds of formats such as PDF, DJVU, AZW3, and many more. We can choose from more than 20 operations Y 10 different themes, in addition to visual options such as line spacing, bold, and coloring some words. Beyond all these functions, it will read all the books aloud to us, and it will be able to recognize all the changes and annotations we have made in the text. They can be synced by Dropbox On all devices and in its premium version we can establish a startup password.


This free app will read any format of your favorite e-books. With more than 10 million users, it is an excellent tool to take care of our eyesight. It has a modern design and easy access, and in its library we can easily find all the books or documents that we want to read. Your best tools are the Media player and speech synthesis, which comes together for an incredible reading experience. We can customize the voice, speed and pitch to our liking to make it more comfortable for us, and you have access to online dictionaries to read and translate texts in other languages.

T2S: Text to Voice

t2s appT2S It is a very comfortable tool to pass text to speech on our phones. Incorporates a simple browser web through which we can open our favorite pages so that they can be read aloud. In fact, we can copy and paste the URLs comfortably, or from the menu Share. In his way “Write aloud” will easily pronounce the text we have written. On the other hand, every time we copy text from other applications, a button will appear on the screen that will allow us to read the text immediately. Like the previous ones, we can save the readings and share them with our environment. It has a paid version that will remove the ads.

Text to Speech (TTS)

text to speech

And we finish the list with another very useful app to convert your texts to speech. In addition to all the features, it includes, like the rest of the applications, it has an exclusive function as a vocal input. In it we can touch the microphone button, talk about what we want and then listen to a summarized version of what we said. It supports a wide variety of languages ​​and we can import documents from a lot of formats, as well as export them later in WAV format. Its premium version, like the rest, will eliminate advertising.