QuickMark For Nokia Symbian^3

By | Monday, Jun 08 2015 6:59AM


QuickMark is a 2-D barcode system designed for mobility electronic devices with camera module (such as camera phones, PDA, smart phones, Webcams, scanners, decoders and etc.) The system provide encode, make code, decode tools and application service. It’s a light, quick and easy to use application. QuickMark can simplify the original tedious operate process on cell phones. With low gap, only 3 hundred thousand pixel cameras are required.

[toggle title=”QuickMark For Nokia s60v3″ state=”close”]E50/E61/E52/E62/E65/E52/E51/E63/E66/E71/E72/E75 N71/N73/N77/N75/N76/N78/N79/N81/N82/N85/N86 N93/N93/N95/N96/N92 6120/6122/6124/6290/6650f/6110/6210/6220/6650/6710/6720/6730/6788 3250/5700x/5320/5630x/5730x
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[toggle title=”QuickMark For Nokia s60v5″ state=”close”]5230/5530x/5800x/5802x/N97/X6-00 Sumsung M8000/i8910
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[toggle title=”QuickMark For Nokia symbian^3″ state=”close”]Nokia N8, C6-01, C7-00, E7-00, E6, X7, 500, 603, 700, 701, 808
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