Playing COD Mobile on a Low-end Android Without Lag is Possible

Playing COD Mobile on a low-end Android

If you made all the necessary adjustments in COD Mobile to reduce lag and they did not work for you, don’t worry, all is not lost. Here we are going to show you an app that will do all this work for you, and that will also allow you to have a much more optimized gaming experience.

How to reduce lag in COD Mobile for Android

You do not need to be an Android expert to play Call of Duty Mobile on a low-end mobile without lag, because there is an app that you can download for free and that will allow you to reduce lag within this popular first-rate shooting game person.

The app in question is called GFX Tool for Call of Duty Mobile, and in addition to being free, it is extremely simple to use. What this application does to make lag much better when playing on a low-end mobile is to make changes to the following settings within the game:

  • Optimize graphics.
  • Lower the screen resolution when running the game.
  • Lower the quality of the graphics.
  • Increase the FPS (frames per second) regardless of the type of mobile on which COD Mobile has been installed (30, 40 and up to 60 FPS).
GFX Tool for Call Of Duty Mobile Guide Tools Pro

How to use GFX Tool for Call of Duty Mobile

If you downloaded the application and don’t know how to use it, don’t worry, here we are going to show you all the steps you have to do to make the game work without lag on your Android mobile:

GFX Tool for Call of Duty Mobile
Best GFX Tool setting for Call of Duty Mobile
  • Once the app is open, click on the resolution shown below SET RESOLUTIONS and select the lowest of all: 960 x 540.
  • Click on SET GRAPHICS and choose the option that says Smooth.
  • In SET FPS select the number 50 or less.

  • Hit the APPLY button so the changes are saved.
  • Then click on Advanced Setting.
  • And finally, select LOW in RENDERING and Enable in GPU OPTIMIZATION.

When you have finished selecting these options, you should open COD Mobile on your Android phone and test whether the settings have been applied correctly. We recommend playing a quick game so you can check if the game is less laggy. If COD Mobile continues to lag, you will have to restart the mobile for the GFX Tool to apply the graphic changes you have selected.

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