Here all the details on HDMI 2.0, just announced

Panasonic 65-inch 520x237 HDMI 2.0 official: 18Gbps bandwidth, 60fps at 4K and 32 audio channels

No time to fully exploit the standard HDMI 1.0 is already out of fashion.

In conjunction with IFA, 2013, in fact, HDMI Forum and has officially announced the new connectivity HDMI 2.0, which replaces and improves the previous standard. Let’s see together all the details on this new connectivity coming soon on our smartphones and tablets, but not only.

As we announced earlier article,  HDMI Forum  has just officially announced the new 2.0 standard in conjunction with the start of IFA 2013. For now we have demonstrations or pictures of the new HDMI 2.0, but missing a few hours at the opening of the IFA, 2013, where we will certainly admire this new standard at work.

At the moment we have a few details about HDMI 2.0, but we know that:

  • Apparently the manufacturers are already equipped to duty, such as Panasonic  with its unreleased 65 inch 4k
  • the standard is to meet the demands of the new Ultra HD TV
  • the standard offers the ability to manage bandwidth from 18Gbps, 50/60fps to create 4K (2160p) and 32 audio channels.

As we said previously, complete specifications will be revealed only 6 September event scheduled at 12 noon.

Something very interesting: even though we are faced with an incredible increase in the bank, to use HDMI 2.0 will not need a new cable. The traditional HDMI will be able to manage the flow.

At the moment only one thing is certain, HDMI 2.0 is officially available and the first products will be unveiled today already.