Peak Gold for Nokia – gold-arcade game!


Peak Gold for Nokia C7 - gold-arcade game!

Gold Peak – a game in which we are to tackle the most enjoyable thing that only exists in my life – collecting money! However, the money’s not true – we will collect the gold. It will have to learn to react quickly – conveyor filled with gold nuggets the size of a good boulder moves pretty fast, so the act would have to do the same. The process itself is simple – we aim for loved piece of precious metal and produce a mechanical foot.

Peak Gold for Nokia C7 - gold-arcade game!

The main advantages of Peak Gold for Nokia :

  • Wonderful graphics, which allows you to quickly immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the game;
  • Simple operation – in order to grab the gold, you need only tap on the screen;
  • Classroom support – effects in the game at the height;
  • A large number of levels that allow great run wild!

Peak Gold for Nokia C7 - gold-arcade game!

Peak Gold – it’s a great workout and response accuracy. In order to grab the coveted piece of precious metal, would first have to aim, and then just shoot the foot. Complicating the matter is the constant movement of the conveyor. In general, be careful, otherwise all the gold drift away from you.

Download From the Nokia ovi store

We tested the Peak Gold for Nokia C7 – the game was very high quality – we did not find any glitches, no brakes.


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