How To Pair the D30/Y78 Smartwatch – Guide

Pair the D30/Y78 Smartwatch - Guide

You can find all the instructions for connecting your Android or iOS device to the D30 / Y78 smartwatch here. To set up, connect, or sync your D30 watch with your smartphone, tablet, or iPhone, refer to the instructions in this tutorial.

After successfully pairing your D30 smartwatch with your phone, you’ll be able to view your heart rate data, choose from a wide range of watch faces, and much more. You’ll also be able to see how many steps you’ve taken over a specified time period.

Steps to pair D30/Y78 smartwatch with cellphone

Install the “FitPro” app on your smartphone or tablet after downloading it. For Android or iOS devices, such as the iPhone or iPad.

Fitbit app

On your phone, enable “Bluetooth” and “Location.” Swipe down from the notification bar at the top of the mobile device to activate both features.

open the FitPro app. On the pop-up window on the first screen that appears, select “Allow”. Next, to begin connecting your D30/Y78 Smartwatch, scroll down and tap the “Set” tab.

Tap “Link device to experience more features” on the following screen, and then tap “Allow” in the pop-up window to grant the app access to your phone’s location.

Start scanning Keeps your watch and phone within reach of one another. When the D30 is found, select “i7” and wait for the four processes to finish on the following screen.

Done! Your cell phone and watch are now successfully connected. Go to the “Set” tab and see if the watch code is displayed there to determine whether the pairing was actually successful.

Checking to see if the watch’s time and date are synced with the phone is another method of verification.

What are the features and functions of the D30 smartwatch?

  • Notifications on the watch screen
  • sports modes
  • sleep monitoring
  • Step counter
  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • blood oxygenation
  • Blood pressure
  • call reminder
  • sedentary reminder
  • message reminder
  • musical control
  • Raise your hand to light
  • distance counter
  • lost calorie counter
  • call reminder
  • And others

Is the D30 smartwatch waterproof?

Do not. It only offers IP67 protection against splashing water, sweat, and dust. As a result, avoid using it for activities like swimming and diving in the water.

How do I charge my D30 smartwatch?

The D30’s 230mah battery can last between 2 and 5 days on a single charge. This time may vary for more or less and may vary according to each person’s personal use. Below are instructions for charging the watch:

  • Remove the band from the top of the watch to view the USB connector.
  • Plug it into the USB port of your PC, notebook, or charger to start charging.

Note: It is not recommended to use chargers above 5V and 3 amps.

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