A6S Mipods headphones


Looking for an easy tutorial to learn how to pair the A6S Mipods Bluetooth headphones to your device? Check all the steps by going to this page to connect or reset the A6S Mipods headphones.

The A6S Mipods headphones are clones of the Redmi Airdots. They are also compatible with any device with Bluetooth 5.0 technology or higher. You can pair them on cell phones and tablets (IOS/Android), TVs, video game consoles ( you may need an adapter ), and Box TVs. Correctly follow all the steps to connect the A6S headphones correctly with your smartphone.


Pairing the A6S Mipods Headphones (Pairing)

  1. Remove the right earphone (R) from inside the case/case, and wait a few seconds.
  2. Then, remove the left earphone (L) and wait for the two to synchronize with each other (the earphone LED (R) will flash intermittently, while the (L) will flash once in a while).
  3. The headphones are now ready to be connected to your device.
  4. That said, go to your device (phone, tablet, TV, etc.), access the Bluetooth settings, and enable it (if it is already activated, wait for the phone to search).
  5. In the Available Devices field, tap/click or select A6S / E6S / TWS-6 name or MAC number (display name may vary).
  6. Wait for the connection procedure to complete.
  7. When pairing is complete, the name of the handset will appear in the Connected Devices field.

If you are not successful with the procedure, try resetting the headphones with the steps below.


How to reset the A6S Mipods headphones

  • Keep the buttons pressed at the same time for approximately 30 seconds.
  • The LEDs will start flashing alternately in white and red.
  • Do not release until the lights flash 3 times in sync in the same color.
  • Once this is done, your headphones will already be reset.
  • Then store them in the case before pairing them again.
Note: Before doing the reset , remember to remove the old pairing with the phone.


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