How to pair LG Tone Free with phone

 pair LG Tone Free with phone

Check out this complete guide on how to set up using LG Tone Free. All the steps to pair your headphones with your phone, check battery levelplay musicanswer calls, and much more.

The LG Tone Free Headset is compatible with iPhone and Android. It has fast-charged. With just 5 minutes of charge, it is possible to have up to 1 hour of playback. With IPX4, the headphones are sweat and water-resistant. The headphones are noise-isolated, providing a better calling experience with better clarity and clarity when talking.

How to pair LG Tone Free phone?

  1. Turn on Bluetooth and the Location of your mobile phone or device.
  2. Open the carrying case cover. Leave the cell phone nearby.
  3. Without removing the points from inside the case, press and hold the Pair Button for 5 seconds until the indicator light flashes blue.
  4. pop-up (only devices with Android 6.0 or higher) asking you to pair your phone will appear at the top of your phone screen.
  5. Tap the pop-up and follow the instructions to complete the pairing.

Conventional Pairing Method:


Follow these instructions to pair the LG Tone Free headset on smartphones running lower versions of Android or iOS.

  1. Access and activate your cell phone’s Bluetooth.
  2. Then, in the list of available devices, tap “ LG HBS-FN6 “.
  3. Tap “ Connect/Pair ” and wait to complete the synchronization process.

How to use LG Tone Free phone?

Check out the main functions of the LG Tone Free headset below. Learn which commands to use to listen to music, answer phone calls, and activate the surround sound function.

Music playback:

  • Tap the left or right earpiece once to play or pause a song.
  • To adjust the volume, tap the left earpiece to Decrease volume and double-tap the right earpiece to Increase volume.
  • To play the next song, tap the left or right earphones three times.

Make / Answer / Hang-up / Reject phone calls:

  • Answer calls – tap the left or right earpiece once.
  • Hang up – during a call, double-tap right or left handset.
  • Reject calls – tap and hold the left or right earpiece.
  • Call Waiting – During a call, tap the left/right earpiece once to put the current call on hold and answer another call.
  • If the previous call is on hold, you can end the current call on your mobile.

Enable Surround Sound:

The “ Surround Sound Listening ” function works only when the device is on standby or playing music.

However, by activating this feature, the battery will discharge faster than normal. Read below to find out how to activate it:

  • Tap and hold the left or right earpiece. You can adjust the ambient sound intensity through the LG TONE Free app.

Disconnect / reconnect phone:

To disconnect headphones from a device, place them inside the carrying case and close the cover. To automatically reconnect, open the case cover.

How to know the battery level of LG Tone Free?

To find out how much charge is left in the battery of the charging case or headphones, check the meaning of the LED Indicator colors and their behavior below.

Charging case battery level:

To find out the battery level in the charging case, first, remove the two earphones from the inside and then check the information below.

Attention! When the points are inside the charging case, you can check your battery level. To display the battery level of the charging case, remove the ones from inside the case.

  • Indicator light flashing blue – handset in pairing mode.
  • The red indicator light turns on and off – battery less than 20% charged.
  • Violet indicator light on-off – battery charged between 20% and 80%.
  • A blue indicator light turns on and off – battery at 80% charge or more.
  • Indicator light flashing red – problem with charging.
  • Indicator light flashing slowly during UV-C LED operation – * UVnano function is working.

*When the charging box is put on for charging with the ear points inside, the UVnano process will run for ten minutes. After this process, the battery status of the charging case will be displayed normally.

Headphone battery level:

Place the ear points inside the charging box to check the battery charge level.

  • Red indicator light – battery charge less than 20%.
  • Violet indicator light – battery charge between 20% and 80%.
  • Blue indicator light – battery charge greater than 80%.

You can also get this and other information through the official app. Read below to learn more.

Using Additional App Features:

Use the LG Tone Free app if you want to view battery charge level, create voice alert, change equalizer mode, show the last location headphones were connected, etc. Download and install on your Android or iOS device.