pair Huawei FreeBuds SE

Learn with this quick tutorial how to pair your Huawei FreeBuds SE headphones with your cell phone. The headphones are equipped with Bluetooth 5.2 which makes pairing a lot easier. With proximity sensors, the headphones automatically turn off as soon as they are removed from the ear.

Play and pause touches can be performed on any of the headphones, this is already configured by default. However, these commands can be changed within your App. Speaking of the app, users will be able to see the battery level information for both the headphones and the case. In addition, it is also possible to customize the commands to be executed with a double tap on the headphones.


But for these and other features to be available, you will need to download and install the Huawei AI Life App on your Android or iOS device. Then just follow the instructions below to pair the new ones with the FreeBuds SE.

How to pair Huawei FreeBuds SE headphones on Android or iOS?

Step 1: Put the earphones inside the charging case and don’t close the lid.

Put the earphones inside the charging case

Step 2: Wait for the earbuds to enter pairing mode (the case LED will flash white). If it does not, press and hold the button located inside the case for 2 seconds.

the case LED will flash white

Step 3: With the headphones already in pairing mode, activate the cell phone’s Bluetooth. To do this, go to the notifications panel, tap the BT icon and enable the feature.

Step 4: Wait for the phone to be visible in the list of available devices. Then tap “HUAWEI FreeBuds SE” and tap “Connect”, “OK” or “Pair” to enable pairing.

Step 5: When the name of the headphones is in the list of paired devices and the LED on the case is green, it means you have successfully completed the procedure.

Done! You have just connected your Huawei FreeBuds SE headphones to your cell phone.

How to customize headphone ringtones?

As said at the beginning of the post, you can download and install the Huawei AI Life app on your Android or iOS device to experience even more features. In addition to viewing the current battery charge of the headphones and charging case, you can also change the number of rings to pause/play music or answer/end a call. headphones. See the instructions below:

  • Download and install Huawei AI Life App on Android or iOS devices for iPhone/iPad.
  • Place the headphones inside the case and leave the lid open.
  • Open the app and tap the “+” sign to add a device.
  • Wait for the App to search and find the headphones.
  • Tap “Connect” on the pop-up that opens.

Once you’ve completed the steps, navigate through the app’s options to find new features and make any desired changes.

How to reset Huawei FreeBuds SE headphones?

How to reset Huawei FreeBuds SE
  1. Open the case and put the 2 earphones inside.
  2. Then press and hold the case button for 10 seconds.
  3. When the LED indicator flashes red.

Done! The headphones are now in pairing mode and ready to be paired again.


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