Air Beats Philco


With the huge sales growth of headphones with TWS connectivity, Philco recently launched the Air Beats Philco PFI96ESA to compete with Redmi Airdots S, Galaxy Buds, JBL, and AirPods, among other brands. For those who don’t like to use wired headphones, the Air Beats Philco uses Bluetooth 5.0 technology to connect to other devices.

With a very subtle design, the headphones have a rubberized finish and their functional buttons are touch sensitive. With an integrated microphone to answer calls, the user can also use the smartphone’s virtual assistant to search or perform some type of action. Its autonomy is 24 hours, 4 hours with just 1 charge on the headphones, and 5 extra charges of 4 hours with the use of its Power Bank (volt charging box).


The headphones have on and off commands when not in use. During the playback of a song, it is possible to play, pause, rewind or change the track, either with the right or left button. The connection of headphones with other devices is done through Bluetooth which currently uses version 5.0.

How to pair Air Beats Philco headphones on mobile

  1. Take the two earbuds out of the case to sync with each other.
  2. Note that after a few seconds, only the right earphone will flash a blue LED.
  3. Now activate your phone’s Bluetooth and wait for it to search for devices within range.
  4. Go to the list of “ Available Devices ”, and the headphones will appear with the name “ PFI96ESA ”, click on it.
  5. In the pairing request, tap “ Ok ” to confirm.
  6. When the headphone light (R) is on (not flashing), the headphones are already connected.
  7. Done! Now just enjoy.

Air Beats Philco: commands and information

See how to use the Air Beats Philco buttons, their main functions, and other important information.

  • To answer a phone call, tap any of the earphones. If you want to end or cancel a call, press and hold the button on one of the earphones for a few seconds.
  • To start or pause a music track, quickly tap one of the earphones.
  • To fast forward a music track, press and hold the right earphone button for 2 seconds and to rewind, repeat the same action on the left earphone.

When you take the headphones out of the case, they will automatically connect to the last device they were paired with. Putting them back in the case, they will be deactivated and recharged if they are not at their maximum charge.

Test which ear adapter (rubbers) fits your ear best. This will ensure that the headphones have better isolation from the external noise level.


Air Beats Philco headphones can be paired with other devices. If you want to connect them to your Smart TV or Notebook, just go to the settings, search for the Bluetooth section, select “Scan for available devices” and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the procedure.


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