Overclock CPU with H87 and B85 chipset thanks to the Non-Z props ASRock OC


Who said that only series CPU and Z87 platform are able to overclock? The vanguard company ASRock has removed this limitation with a new feature called Non-Z OC! through this feature overclockers can install their K series CPUs in the line motherboards ASRock Fatal1ty Performance H87 or any other chipset as the H87 or B85 to start the overclock immediately!

Non Z 1

The first ASRock motherboard that implements the function of Non-Z H87 OC is the Fatal1ty Performance, which is also the H87 motherboard with as many power phases on the market today. Along with its powerful design 8 phase power, the CPU frequency can be overclocked effortlessly up to 26%!. Just upgrade to the latest version of our UEFI, then find the function Z Non-OC OC Tweaker page, now is a matter of selecting a frequency of a few presets, restart, and voila!

Non Z 2

Once again, ASRock is dedicated to giving you the best price for profit, Overclocking can be made accessible, rewarding and absolutely no problems with Non-Z Asrock OC! And you can be sure that besides H87 motherboard Fatal1ty Performance, all our other chipset motherboards with H87 and B85 also have access to Non-Z OC!

  • Note 1:  Overclocking may affect your system stability, or even cause damage to the components and devices of your system. It should be at their own risk and cost. We are not responsible for possible damage caused by overclocking.
  • Note 2: Because Non-Z OC is related to the Intel ® ‘s, the CPU and firmware, ASRock does not guarantee the availability of the Non-Z OC in the future.

Non-Z Asrock OC in action: