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Optimal Remnant 2 Flamethrower Build – Unleash maximum firepower

If you yearn to inject fiery excitement into your Remnant 2 gameplay, the Flamethrower build is your ideal choice. This setup revolves around harnessing the might of flames, transforming every object in your path into an inferno.

Creating the optimal Flamethrower build involves meticulously selecting game-offered items to enhance your elemental damage. Given the scarceness of similar options in the game, allow us to guide you in constructing this dynamic build.

Optimal Remnant 2 Flamethrower Build

Rest two flamethrower build.

While the Flamethrower build in Remnant 2 may primarily aim to incinerate every encountered obstacle, its entertaining play style does not undermine its substantial impact.

This setup offers a blazing gameplay experience capable of dealing massive elemental damage through fire and combustion. Coupled with an extensive ammo supply, this build gifts you the freedom to cast flames recklessly, eliminating any concerns about depleting ammunition.


Flamethrower builds for Remnant 2 require selecting a suitable archetype first. There aren’t many courses that specialize in fire, but there is one that is ideal.


  • Primary Archetype: Engineer (High Tech Prime Perk)
  • Secondary Archetype: Gunslinger

For this build, our primary archetype is the Engineer, mainly due to its pivotal Prime Perk, Hightech. This perk significantly boosts our damage output by providing infinite ammo, enhanced fire rate, and supplementary damage.

These benefits are particularly crucial when employing a flamethrower, given that this weapon typically exhibits a slowed firing pace and exhausts ammo swiftly.

Further solidifying our choice of the Engineer class is its primary ability – Heavy Weapon: Flamethrower. Available at level 5, this skill authorizes using a flamethrower turret aimed at enemies until ammunition depletion.

This plays a significant role in most encounters, swiftly diminishing your adversaries’ health while eliminating the necessity for manual aim.

For additional damage, you can fire alongside the turret, or you could wield the turret as your primary weapon.

We’ve selected the Gunslinger as the secondary archetype, mainly owing to its auxiliary ability, Storm of Bullets. This skill bolsters your firing rate and reload speed while converting your single-shot weapons into fully automatic ones.


Second only to archetypes in build importance are weapons, especially in this particular build that depends on fire-damage output.

While choices for such weapons may be limited, you can explore various weapon mods and mutators, as mentioned below, to drastically enhance your fire and burn damage.

Long Gun: Widowmaker (Hot Shot Mod)

The Widowmaker is one of the premier weapons in Remnant 2, primarily due to its extraordinary damage capacity.

Sporting exceptional critical hit statistics and tremendous weapon damage enable you to eliminate most targets with a single round.

One noteworthy benefit of Widowmaker’s high damage output is its ability to generate mod energy while swiftly applying maximum burn values.

Pistol: Tech 22 (Witchfire Mod)

Fulfilling the role of close and mid-range combat in this build is the Tech 22. With its rapid firing rate and swift reload speed, this handgun compensates for the weaknesses of the Widowmaker.

The optimal weapon mod for the Tech 22 is Witchfire. This modification perfectly complements this build by enabling you to launch grenade-like projectiles that explode after a brief delay, creating a fire pool inflicting fire and burn damage on any enemy it contacts.

For optimal results, pair Tech 22 with the Momentum Mutator, which enhances its critical hit chance and damage each time you land a critical hit.

The ideal weapon mod to accompany the Widowmaker is the High Flyer. This modification imbues your bullets with a “Burn” effect and considerably amplifies your ranged weapon and fire damage.

Since this weapon has a single-bullet magazine, pairing it with the Hunter Mutator would be advantageous. This mutator boosts your damage temporarily after each reload, allowing each bullet fired to reap this bonus.

Given its extreme damage potential, this configuration could be considered a DPS (Damage Per Second) build.


While traits may somewhat impact your builds, the commonly preferred choices remain consistent across most bodies as some prove more beneficial than others.

For this particular Remnant 2 Flamethrower build, we suggest investing points in the following characteristics.

  • Power: Increases your maximum HP
  • Stamina: Increases your maximum stamina
  • Spirit: Increases your mod’s energy regeneration
  • Expertise: Reduces the cooldown of your abilities
  • Siphoner: Increases life steal

Rel I C

Relics are paramount in refining a particular playstyle you strive for in a build. Typically, all vestiges have equal value, simplifying integrating one into your body.

However, we recommend the Dragonheart base for the Flamethrower build, as it addresses the healing aspect often overlooked in choices.

If you prefer mod power over healing and are skillful in mitigating potential damage, the Runeheart Relic can be a potent choice.


The appropriate ring and amulet selection can significantly influence your Remnant 2 build. These items are vital for most forms, providing substantial bonuses that can’t be ignored.

For this particular flamethrower build, we recommend the following options.

  • Talisman of the Sun (Amulet): Increases your fire and burning damage
  • Flint (Ring): Increases your fire damage and resistance (helpful if your turret shoots you)
  • Scorched Ring: Increases the damage you deal to burning enemies
  • Stone of Malice (Ring): Grants a mod power regeneration bonus for dealing elemental status damage
  • Stone of Balance (Ring): Increases your overall damage


The Flamethrower build is primarily offensive, centering on fire and burn damage, so armor doesn’t hold crucial significance. This allows considerable flexibility in selecting your preferred armor set for this build.

We suggest opting for the Dendroid set as your principal damage source. As a light armor set, it ensures that your mobility isn’t overly compromised.

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