The Best Office Suites For Working With Documents on Android

Working With Documents on Android

In Google Play we can find a large number of office-oriented applications. In fact, Google includes among its list of applications its own editor for spreadsheets, documents, and slides.

However, the number of office applications for Android that exist is high and you may be interested in learning about the best ones. The selection is getting bigger and the apps are getting better. So, below, we leave you with the 5 best office suites for your mobile.

The best office automation packages for Android mobiles

Let’s not go around anymore, let’s start with the list.

Microsoft Office: an excellent tool for working

Microsoft Office

With Office, you can create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, notes, scan documents, sign PDF and even convert an image or document to PDF. To make matters worse, everything will be integrated with OneDrive or SharePoint so you have a backup in the cloud.

The office allows you to explore your OneDrive files and edit any Word, PowerPoint, or Excel document without opening any separate tool. Plus, it syncs with the Windows 10 Notes app and includes the Office Lens scanner.

Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more

Collaborate Office: the most famous open-source suite

Collaborate Office

Collabora Office offers you an interface perfectly adapted to your mobile screen so you can edit text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, comfortably with your fingers.

In fact, the interface of this mobile version of the Collabora Office is very similar to that of the online version for computers. So, if you used this office suite before, you will feel at home when using it on your mobile.

Other features that we can highlight about Collabora Office are that it allows copying and pasting rich text (with inserted links, italics, bold, etc.), it can be controlled with intuitive gestures such as pinch to zoom and it also has an integrated spell checker ( works without Internet) for the languages ​​Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, and German.

Collaborate Office: OpenDocument, Word, Excel and more

The Google office suite (integrated into Google Drive): simple but very powerful

The Google office suite

Google has its own office suite that you can use on all your Android devices. It offers you a series of applications with which you can perform the most important tasks. From editing documents to tables like Excel’s, presentations, or a PDF editor/reader. You have all the necessary tools to work comfortably.

You can convert Word files into Google documents and vice versa. All your changes are automatically saved as you write.

You can even use the revision history to view previous versions of the same document, sorted by date, and by the author of the change. It is also useful because you can work as a team since several people can simultaneously edit a document.

Google docs

Google spreadsheets

Google Presentations

YouTube video

This small and free multifunction application will allow you to view, edit, and create Office documents in a very simple way.

In addition,  it allows you to convert PDF documents to Word, convert texts into images, and even scan documents in the blink of an eye. Supports up to 51 languages ​​and supports more than 20 different formats.

WPS Office – Free Office Suite for Word, PDF, Excel

Docs to Go is an application that has been around for quite some time. However, it still receives new features and updates. It has the basic apps, such as a word processor, spreadsheet editor, and presentation editor. It allows you to do everything without many settings.

The paid version adds some extra features like the option to protect files with a password and synchronize documents in the cloud.

Docs To Go – Free Office Suite

If you want something similar to the classic Office, opt for Microsoft and if yours is to integrate everything in Android then you should try the great G suite.

On the other hand, WPS Office is great if you only use these files from time to time and you want to have something that reads them and that doesn’t take up too much space on your mobile. You can also try them and see which one you like the most to decide.

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