Nothing Phone 1 Android 13 Closed Beta launches

Nothing Android 13 Closed Beta launches

The Nothing Phone 1, which was released with Android 12 earlier this year, is widely considered to be one of the most anticipated mobile devices of 2018.

A stock-like experience is included with the phone, and an update to Android 13 is slated to be released for it. Carl Pei, the founder of the Nothing Company, has announced that the Nothing OS Android 13 closed beta program will be available for the Nothing Phone 1. Users can test Android 13 on their Nothing phones through a closed beta program before the software’s official release.

Please note that the Open Beta Application link is now available. Check out the final section of this article for all of the details.

According to Nothing, there are currently no plans to release a stable version of Android 13 for the device during this calendar year. But now that the closed beta is here and the open beta is on its way, Nothing Phone 1 Android 13 is not far and is anticipated to be available in the early years of 2023.

The most recent version of the Android operating system for mobile devices is Android 13. During the past two months, a number of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have upgraded their devices to Android 13.

On the other hand, Nothing is taking its sweet time with the launch of its very first significant update.

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On Twitter, Carl Pei made the announcement about the closed beta but provided no further details. It is unclear at this time whether the closed beta will be accessible to users or will be reserved exclusively for the Nothing team.

In the following few days, we will have additional information for you. If you are a user of Nothing Phone 1 and have received any notifications, please share them with the community in the comment section.

Carl Pei mentioned the release of the open beta in two weeks’ time in the same tweet he used to announce the contest. This indicates that Nothing is well on its way to keeping its promise of delivering Android 13 in the early years of 2023.

Although Nothing has provided any information regarding the features that will be included with the Android 13 update, we anticipate the majority of the stock Android features, such as the ability to apply the material you theme to all icons (provided that it is supported by developers), the ability to choose the language used within individual apps, enhanced quick settings and notification panels, notification permission when opening an app for the first time, improved clipboard functions, increased privacy and security, and more.

You can anticipate additional bespoke features with Nothing OS 1.5, which will be based on Android 13 when it is released.

Therefore, there is currently very little information available regarding the Nothing Phone 1 Android 13 closed beta. However, the OEM might reveal additional information in the near future.

Users of the Nothing Phone 1 who are offered the opportunity to participate in the closed beta should be aware that early builds may contain some bugs, some of which may be major and some of which may be minor. This is due to the fact that it will be the very first build to undergo testing.

Update 1: Android 13 Open Beta Application goes live

Carl Pei made a brief announcement about the Nothing Phone 1’s Android 13 Closed Beta program earlier today. The open beta, announced in the previous Carl Pei tweet, will launch in two weeks, and a new Tweet from the Nothing account reveals that anyone who owns the device can apply for it. If you’re keen on learning how to do this, read on!

Here you can access the official Nothing OS 1.5 and Android 13 open beta page. Now complete the form with accurate information and submit it.

Since this is an Open Beta, it should be accessible to all users who correctly filled out the registration form. The Open Beta rollout will begin in the middle of December. If you receive the update, back up your data before installing it.


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