Nokia Lumia 1520 and possible final appearance

Nokia Lumia 1520 has become its own right in the smartphone from the Finnish company that raises all rumors and speculation at this time. No one knows exactly when it will come, but someone already dare to design its final appearance.

We must make it clear that this photograph does not belong to Nokia Lumia 1520 , but as some see it after it was leaked to light an alleged photograph of the smartphone and the screen shot from a couple of days .And by the way, takes the side of aNokia Lumia 920 to get a better idea of its size.

1520 01 520x443 nokia lumia Nokia Lumia 1520 and possible final appearance

No doubt that in the end the Nokia Lumia 1520 may look different, but imagine that not too different, and this can be used to get a rough idea without having to throw too much imagination.