The Nokia 5.3 is an affordable smartphone that provides excellent value for the price. Although the device is generally dependable, it is not uncommon for users to encounter issues such as boot loops, software bugs, and other performance issues. If you encounter any of these problems, you may need to reboot the 9008 EDL mod using the test point. This article explains what this is and how it can be accomplished on your Nokia 5.3.

What is the Nokia 5.3 Test Point Reboot 9008 EDL Mod?

The Nokia 5.3 Test Point Reboot 9008 EDL Mod is a method for restarting your Nokia 5.3 device in Qualcomm Emergency Download (EDL) mode. This mode enables your phone to communicate with your computer while it is booting up. The test point is a specific location on the motherboard of the Nokia 5.3 that, when connected to a computer via USB cable, grants access to the EDL mode.

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To enable EDL Mod on Your Nokia 5.3, you must perform a test Point, which you can do by following the instructions provided below.


Test points require more knowledge about how to take apart a device.

How to Reboot Nokia 5.3 to EDL Mod:

  • Install the QCOM driver on your computer.
  • Take off the phone’s back cover and find the test point as shown. With copper wire or tweezers, keep shorting the test point in the image below.

Reboot Nokia 5.3 to EDL Mod

  • Insert USB and look for qcom USB device under COM Port in the device manager. if there isn’t one, try again


Our detailed guide will walk you through the process of installing a test point reboot 9008 EDL mod on your Nokia 5.3. If your device is experiencing software problems, you can resolve them by following our detailed instructions.


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