Netflix Account Hacked? Here’s how to fix it

Netflix Account Hacked

If you suspect someone has unauthorized access to your Netflix account, here’s how you can get them back. In the past, many of us risked our online security to download the latest shows. Despite improvements in online security, cybercriminals have not completely disappeared and have evolved their own techniques to exploit the theft of subscriptions to streaming services, exploiting the good faith of the account owners. If you suspect your Netflix account has been hacked, continue reading this guide to learn how to regain control of it.

How to know if your Netflix account has been hacked

The first action you should take to check if your Netflix account has been compromised is to confirm the situation. Thankfully, Netflix makes that control easy. Here’s how to do it: Sign in to your Netflix account. While some hackers opt for discreet access, others are more daring and may attempt to change your login information. This ranges from changing your password to your email address.

Some hackers can even take complete control of your account and then sell it to an unsuspecting buyer. If you can still access your account, that’s a good sign, but it doesn’t mean you’re safe. Look closely at the “ Recently Viewed ” tab. One of the clearest indications of unauthorized access to your account is when Netflix’s suggestions don’t match your preferences.

You might see a movie in the Watch Again section that you’ve never seen, or a discontinued series in the Continue Watching tab. This method isn’t always accurate, as there are ways to delete shows and movies from your viewing history. Either way, if you notice anything suspicious, it’s important to check your Netflix account history.

Check your viewing activity

If you notice anything suspicious in your watch list, the next action to take is to check your Netflix account activity. To do this, log in to your account and go to the ” Account ” page. Here, select “ Manage Access & Devices ” under the “ Security & Privacy ” section. Netflix will then show you a list of registered devices that have recently accessed your account.

Check your viewing activity

Check the list carefully for unknown entries from places you don’t know. Note that some people you’ve given access to your Netflix account may use a VPN to access specific content. If so, you should check with them. If they also don’t recognize some of the devices you’ve logged into, it’s likely that your Netflix account has been hacked.

Remember that Netflix is ​​monitoring users who share their passwords, so you should be careful when sharing your credentials. Note that Netflix doesn’t show all devices that have recently signed in to your account. For example, the page doesn’t display devices that have been inactive for more than 90 days or those used solely to play Netflix games or access Tudum.

If there are too many devices to display, only some of them will be shown. Therefore, we recommend that you check your email regularly, as Netflix sends you an email every time a new device accesses your account.

What to do if your Netflix account has been hacked

If you think your Netflix account has been hacked, here are the steps you need to take to regain control:

  1. Log out all users: The first thing to do is to make sure that you are the only one logged into your account.
  2. To sign out all users, log into your Netflix account, go to “ Account ” and select “ Sign out of all devices ” in the “ Security and privacy ” section.
  3. Change Netflix Password: After confirming that no one else is using your account, change your Netflix account password.

Unfortunately, the feature to change your password directly in the Netflix app is not yet available for iOS devices. Therefore, if you are using the Netflix Android app, go to “ Profile and more “, “ Account ” and then to “ Change password ” and type in your current password and new password. Don’t forget to select the option “ Sign out of all devices “.

Alternatively, log into your Netflix account from your browser, click on your user icon and select “ Account ” from the drop-down menu. Under ” Subscription Billing “, select ” Change Password ” and follow the prompts to confirm. This could be the perfect opportunity to enable two-step authentication if you haven’t already. After updating your new password, don’t forget to save your changes.

This way, all connected devices will have to log in again with the new password. If you don’t select this option, connected devices may continue to access your account without having to log in again.

Netflix support

In some cases, hackers can change the email address associated with your Netflix account. This can allow them to prevent you from changing your password or receiving notifications of suspicious activity on your account. If you suspect that someone has changed the email address associated with your Netflix account, you can verify this by logging into your Netflix account in your browser. Click on your user icon and select “ Account ” from the dropdown menu.

Netflix support

Then, check if the email address next to “ Subscription & Billing ” is correct. If you’ve discovered that someone has changed your email address, you need to contact Netflix support for assistance. You can ask other still logged-in account holders to report the issue to Netflix via their support centre on both iOS and Android by tapping their account profile icon in the top right and then selecting “Help“, “ Chat “ or ” Call “.

You can also visit the Netflix Help Center and select ” My email has been changed without my permission ” under ” Manage My Account “. If you can’t see this option, use the search bar provided to look for the Netflix account email modified without permission. Select the corresponding result and select “ Contact Us “. On the next page, you can contact Netflix via call or live chat.

If the hacker has already changed information like your credit card numbers, you may have trouble recovering your account. In this case, you may consider requesting account deletion. If hackers managed to change the email address associated with your Netflix account, it’s important to protect your email account by changing your password.

Since you always carry your phone with you and your credit card details are often encrypted, chances are your email has been hacked. To change your Netflix account email address, someone needs to access your phone or email account or know all the details of the card you use to pay for your subscription. Therefore, it’s important to protect access to your phone, email and payment accounts as well.

How to protect your Netflix account from hackers

The security of shared Netflix accounts can be a challenge. It is important that all account holders involved work together and be consistent to protect your Netflix account from being hacked. Here are some tips to protect your Netflix account:

  1. Create ground rules: Establishing ground rules with other account holders is the best thing to avoid hackers. Have your group agree on how many people can access your shared account, and make sure you know how many people can watch Netflix at the same time. Explain that sharing your account login information with others is not allowed. Many unusual use cases often come from people sharing their logins with non-account holders.
  2. Keep Your Passwords Safe: Protect your Netflix account as carefully as you would any other online account. Start by creating strong passwords, creating different passwords for each account and avoiding sharing them with anyone, even people you trust.
  3. Practice internet safety: Avoid connecting to unsafe networks like public Wi-Fi. Regularly check the security of your home Internet network.
  4. Avoid clicking on suspicious links: such as those in emails or sketchy websites, as these are often used by hackers to get your passwords. Always log out of devices you don’t own after use, especially email accounts.

Securing your Netflix account requires cooperation and consistency from all account holders involved. Set ground rules, keep your passwords safe, and practice internet safety. By following these tips, you can minimize the risk of your Netflix account being hacked.

Conclusions about your Hacked Netflix Account

No matter how hard you try to safeguard your Netflix account, there will always be a risk of hacking. Hackers are always finding new ways to crack the passwords of online streaming subscriptions. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to any suspicious activity on your Netflix account and check your history regularly for intrusions. We recommend that you enable two-factor authentication to further secure your account.

Changing your password regularly is another important practice to keep your Netflix account safe. Make it a habit to change your password occasionally and to choose strong passwords that are difficult to guess. Keep in mind that internet security practices are key to protecting your private information, not just for streaming services.

To protect your Netflix account, watch out for any suspicious activity, check your account history, enable two-factor authentication, change your password regularly, and follow internet safety practices. By following these tips, you can reduce the risk of your Netflix account being hacked and keep your information private and secure on any online platform.

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