Motorola One Action Starts Receiving Android 10 in Russia

Motorola, in times not so far away, was undoubtedly one of the fastest companies in providing updates on Android. Over the years, things have definitely changed: the Lenovo-owned company is considered one of the least reliable in this respect.

An example is Motorola One Action, which arrived on the market in August 2019 with Android 9 Pie. To date, the phone has not yet received the update of Android 10, to the disappointment of all owners of this device. However, it seems that the wait is about to end. According to what emerged on the web, in fact, the tenth version of the green robot is “landing” also on the Motorola One Action.

The new update was identified in Russia with the firmware version QSB30.62-19. The update includes the Android security patches that refer to the month of December 2019: the owners of the Motorola One Action

they obviously hoped for less dated security patches.

In addition to the patches, the new update introduces improved animations, new navigation gestures, and a dark system-level model. Motorola does not make any changes in Android, therefore all the news will be those that characterize the tenth version of the Google operating system.

The main strengths of the Motorola One Action are certainly the aspect ratio 21: 9 and the camera, which allows you to automatically take pictures and videos horizontally even in portrait mode. The action camera also features a 117º wide-angle lens.

Motorola One Action is a smartphone powered by the processor Exynos 9609 from Samsung, paired with 4 GB of RAM. The device is also equipped with a 3,500 mAh battery which will also get some optimizations thanks to the new firmware update.

The new version of Android will definitely bring a wave of news to this smartphone.