Mobile Cipher send and receive encrypted SMS Nokia S60v5, Symbain^3


Mobile Cipher send and receive encrypted SMS Nokia S60v5, Symbain^3

Mobile Cipher is a utilty that uses sophisticated algorithms to encrypt (and decrypt) all kinds of personal information available on your smartphone, such as, for example, navigation data, notes, events and messages. The application also allows you to edit encrypted SMS text messages, and send them to another phone. In order to read the message correctly, we must, of course, be in possession of the key to decipher the text.

Mobile Cipher is compatible with Symbian ^ 3 , the S60 5th Edition devices and some S60 3rd Edition ( click here for the full list). If interested you can download the free by going to this page of the Nokia Store or by clicking the link below.

The application also supports the “copy and paste”, so you can import text or data from any application and be able to obscure the contents. And ‘possible to use several different keys to share content with other people: the only drawback is that it is impossible to recover the key if you forget or lose. However, if one is sighted, it is an excellent application that prevents prying eyes of access to our confidential information, or if you work in an environment very popular, both in the unlikely event that your phone is lost or stolen.
Download MobileCipher_109414.sis


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