Microsoft Edge & Brave Not Working In Fedora Linux

Edge & Brave Not Working In Fedora Linux

Below are the steps you need to follow to fix the Microsoft Edge & Brave not working issue in Fedora Linux. There are a number of Chromium-based browsers available on the market, including Edge and Brave. In recent weeks, however, both of them haven’t been working as expected on numerous Linux distributions.

Many Fedora Linux users have reported persistent crashes or inability to load any website when using Microsoft Edge or Brave browsers. However, users also get the ‘This page is having a problem’ or the ‘SIGILL’ error [possibly caused by the Freetype Library conflicting with the rendering of sites]. The good news is that we discovered a nifty workaround that can help you fix this issue. Without further ado, we’ll check it out.

Fix Microsoft Edge & Brave not working in Fedora Linux

The latest Chromium update is one of the causes of this issue, which has affected both browsers. It will be necessary for you to switch to a new version of these browsers in order to fix this issue. This is where Edge has already rolled out a patch in its next beta update, while Brave has not yet done so. The Edge browser should be updated to the latest beta version, while the Brave browser should be downgraded to its older stable version.

Apply the aforementioned tweaks and it should fix the Microsoft Edge & Brave not working issue in Fedora Linux. In terms of the developer’s stance on this matter, they are aware of this problem but have not provided any ETA for a fix. We will update this guide accordingly as soon as that happens. You can workaround the issue in the meantime by using the workarounds listed above.

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