Microsoft is known primarily for its Windows desktop operating system, as well as its highly popular office suite of applications in the form of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint applications. But the corporation decided not to split up its products and create a single office application for mobile platforms.


Microsoft Offers All-in-One Software Suite

Why Microsoft unites applications

The new application will receive a simple and concise name Microsoft Office, and it will be available for both iOS and Android. The new application is designed in such a way that it provides seamless integration between various office programs, which is quite convenient.

Now for editing, you no longer need to save the document in one program and then switch to another in order to continue working with it.

At the same time, the company also took care of those who currently have the old package of separate programs Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You won’t have to download anything, and all applications will continue to receive support. Just in parallel with them will be available on the Microsoft Office software package.

We appreciate that millions of people use our office applications today, and we will continue to support them for as long as necessary. – states the manager for mobile products of Microsoft Ramit Arora.

In the new application, files can be stored both locally on the device and can be accessed in the cloud. At the same time, according to Microsoft, you can easily share documents and files with other users of the platform. You do not even need to log in under your Microsoft account in order to use the application.

However, at the same time, several “accounts” are supported at once, and each of them will have its own personal local and cloud storage.

It is also worth noting that the new application is designed with so-called “quick action” in mind to speed up work with Office. Thus, you can create a PDF file from a photograph or any document, or a Word document by taking a snapshot of a web page or plain sheet of paper.

And, according to the company, the table photo can be immediately converted to an Excel document. The updated application is still available only in the preliminary version format and you can download it from the official site of Microsoft

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However, with all the advantages of this approach, I want to talk about this: you probably noticed that another popular Microsoft office application – the Outlook e-mail program is not included in this list.

Yes, Outlook will remain a standalone application. It will continue to have separate file storage locations and their own ecosystem.

However, such an approach seems strange and not entirely logical to us. If Microsoft decides to combine the office suite into one application in order to improve interaction (which is very commendable), then why doesn’t it go all the way and leave one of the programs overboard?