Matchez for Nokia Symbian^3 S60v5

Matchez for Nokia N8 / C7 / C6 / X6 / 5800 / N97
Matchez for Nokia N8 / C7 / C6 / X6 / 5800 / N97

Matchez , game strategy for our Nokia N8 , C7, C6-01, E7 , and also for our Nokia 5800, 5530, 5230, X6, C6 and N97 , where the goal is to make your opponent is forced to take the last match. We can play against the computer or against an opponent and choose various levels of difficulty.

Its operation is very simple, each turn can take the matches we want for each row, one or all, but should get to leave a match at the end.

The game , according to its developer, is based on Nim , old game Chinese, although it really is based on Misère , since in Nim the goal is to take the last object to win, and this is quite the opposite.

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The game you can seem boring, but if you start to gamble cafes or similar things with coworkers and / or friends, I assure you that you can return one of the games most exciting that there XD.

There are mathematical strategies to win, but it would be quite a long story, you can find them. In addition, certainly more than one has had to schedule this game in his career. Matchez is available free on the Ovi Store.

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