How to mark multiple points on a map within Google Maps

multiple points on a map within Google Maps

GPS is a fundamental tool today, it allows everyone to locate themselves at any time and know how to get to their destination quickly and easily. You probably use Google Maps quite often, but you probably don’t know that multiple stops can be marked before the destination on the same Google Maps route.

Knowing how to mark various points on a Google Maps map is essential for all those who want to get the most out of this app. Like learning how to see the most efficient routes on Google Maps to save money, learning how to calculate the estimated time of arrival at your destination or even knowing how to identify if a place is closed or open using Google Maps.

But going back to the subject at hand, today we will teach you how to insert stops in your Google Maps route, so do not stop reading.

What are the stops used for in Google Maps?

stops used for in Google Maps

Let’s say you are going to go out to a certain destination, but you realize that you have a couple of tasks to do before you reach your destination because that’s life as an adult, there are always things to do. So, if you want to get to a specific point, but first you want to stop by to fill up the car, buy something for dinner and maybe stop by someone’s house, you can use the stops on Google Maps .

In this way, you will have a single established route and you will not have to ask Google Maps to change destinations several times, you just have to plan your route before leaving and the app will tell you the best route you can take to save time and fuel. You can also edit this Google Maps route along the way, in case you remembered anything else you needed to do after you left.

How to mark multiple stops on a Google Maps map?

This process is quite simple and although it is nothing new, many times users do not know the potential of the apps they use every day. As we already mentioned above, there are two ways to do this, the first is to plan the route on Google Maps with stops, before leaving, to do that, follow the steps below:

mark multiple stops on a Google Maps map?

  • Enter Google Maps, and select the starting point and the destination you want to reach at the end of your route.
  • Once you have your main route marked, click on the three points in the upper right corner to display the options menu.
  • Select the option that says Add stop.
  • This will show you a new bar with the letter A at the beginning that will allow you to enter a stop before your destination. If you keep adding stops, they will be added between your starting point and your destination in the order in which you add them.
  • You can move that order later, by holding down the stop you want to move.

And voila, the app will establish the best route for you to go to your destination in the shortest possible time, considering each stop you added to the route. But let’s say you did your route and left home, but on the way, you saw that you had little fuel left, so you decide to detour to go to a gas station, for that you can use the technique of adding stops to your route in Google Maps with the magnifying glass, follow the steps below:

in Google Maps with the magnifying glass

  • If you have already started your route and are on your way, the best thing you can do to add a stop is to click on the magnifying glass icon on the right side of the screen.
  • This will show you your recent locations, it will show you quick picks like Gas Stations, Restaurants, Hotels and so on. And it also gives you the option to search directly for any stop you want.
  • If you select an item such as Gas Stations or Restaurants, all the options closest to you will be shown and by clicking on one of them they will be added as a stop with the letter A, B, C or any position that is on your list of stops.
  • Instead, if you press on the Search bar, you can enter the address you want to go to or locate it on the map directly and it will be saved on the route as a stop.

Remember not to do this while the car is moving, as it is always important to pay close attention to the road when driving. That has been all for now, we hope this tutorial has been useful to you, if you have any questions about how to mark several points on a Google Maps map, remember to let us know in the comments section, see you soon.

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