How to make long Screenshots on Huawei devices


How to make long Screenshots on Huawei devices. Here’s how it’s possible to take long Screenshots on Huawei devices. Sometimes also referred to as scroll shots, these allow you to sew more content into a single image. For example, it is possible to acquire long message threads in a screenshot.

There are lots of free apps available on the Play Store that commit to doing the same, but these apps contain a lot of publicity and take up extra space.

With the detailed guide below, we will teach you how to take long screenshots on your Huawei smartphone. To get rid of third-party apps, Huawei has provided this feature as default on most of its devices.

In third-party apps, you have to manually merge the different screenshots making it look like one long screenshot, but the process is boring. And even if the app merges the various images automatically, you are using space in memory that is useful for doing other things.

Fortunately, Huawei has thought of this and has included a simple function in its new EMUI versions Screenshot. To use this function, follow the next steps.

How to make long Screenshots on Huawei devices

To take a long screenshot on your Huawei device, first, make sure that you are running EMUI 5.0 or later. Now follow the detailed guide provided below.

Step 1: Open the page or screen for which you want to take the screenshot. Press and hold the button At the same time Power on and Volume down.

Step 2 – Once done, taken the screenshot, you will see an animation on the screen, it means that you have taken the screenshot.

Step 3: Now you will see three options: Share, Edit is Scrolling. Select the option Scrollshot.

Step 4: After selecting the option, the Huawei device will start to scroll and add more images.

Step 5: To stop scrolling, touch the screen.

Now you finally have learned how to make long Screenshots on Huawei devices. You can also take a screenshot of the entire article. Share your opinions on this convenient feature by leaving a comment below.