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Mac Pro with new Apple Silicon chip? This is its (possible) look!

Apple has publicly shared its intention to hold the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2021 June 7-11. Then we’ll see the technology’s next projects and, perhaps, the new Mac Pro computer with Apple Silicon.

Although the conference is traditionally dedicated to software, innovations for the various operating systems and platforms in Cupertino, it is certain that we can also get to know new products such as processors and even computers.

WWDC 2021 starts on June 7th

Mac Pro Apple Silicon
Suggested appearance for the next-generation computer. Credit: svetapple

The conference will be mostly virtual, as a result of restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic that continues to devastate the world. Still, the company is expected to present several news from software to possibly new hardware.

Indeed, given the rumors, the Cupertino company is expected to demonstrate the capabilities of a new Apple Silicon. That is, a new processor developed by US technology. Your name is still omitted and may vary between M1x or M2.

In addition to the new generation of Apple processors, the company can reveal the new Mac Pro, the computer aimed at the most demanding. It will not only be a design statement, as the first platform for the new chip based on the ARM64 architecture.

Faced with these rumors, there are now several conceptual images that show us a possible new Mac Pro. More compact, but with the characteristic design, a creation of the publication staple.

The possible look of the Mac Pro with Apple processor

Apple Mac Pro
Suggested appearance for the next-generation computer. Credit: staple

Digitally created images (renders) show us a very compact tower, but with the traditional elements. This size reduction is due to the use of the ARM platform, allowing to significantly compress the size of various components.

Thus, endowed with a new architecture, the Mac Pro would also be greatly reduced. The images show us a representation of what is possible to do with the new processors and components now that Apple has disengaged from Intel.

The result would be an advanced computer that would take up about half the current version. It would still maintain the build quality, ports,, and key connectivity, as well as take advantage of advances in performance.

More power, smaller size.

Apple Mac Pro
Suggested appearance for the next-generation computer. Credit: staple

With the MacBook Pro and Air being the first to adopt the first Apple SILicon, the manufacturer has introduced a new standard for quality, performance, while reducing the size of components.

Then we saw this same formula being applied to the Mac mini and the new iMac. Now, we can have in the Mac Pro the introduction of a new format that combines greater processing power, greater energy efficiency,, and overall compression.

Everything suggests that the new Apple Silicon is a second-generation processor, leaving to know the exact molds of this processor. In fact, we can have an improved version of the current M1, a possible M1x, or a new processor, the M2.

We look forward to the new Apple Silicon, the M1x or M2

Apple Mac Pro
Suggested appearance for the next-generation computer. Credit: staple

The concept shows us a familiar box in materials and cutouts for ventilation. By maintaining the design language, it would honor and keep up with today’s computers, while also maintaining the presence of several easy-access ports.

In fact, connectivity would be guaranteed here by the two Thunderbolt 3 ports, USB Type-C ports,, and, finally, a convenient mechanism for removing the top of the aluminum housing.

This thesis is also defended by leaker Jon Prosser. The prolific informant believes that the Mac Pro will be physically comparable to the Mac mini, with both computers taking up little space.

Apple Mac Pro
Suggested appearance for the next-generation computer. Credit: staple

We are now waiting for the start of WWDC 2021, or for new leaks of information, to clear up any remaining doubts. Until then, we can contemplate this very realistic concept.

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