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How to log in to HBO Max with Mercado Libre

log in to HBO Max with Mercado Libre

While other content streaming platforms, like Netflix, offer discounts on their subscriptions, HBO Max partners with multiple services and offers discounts on their subscriptions, something that has benefited it when gaining new subscribers.

The implementation of other services into HBO Max’s platform was well received by users, however most of them were confused about how it was incorporated.

HBO Max can be accessed through an external service provider only after several steps have been taken to ensure that the contract is valid.

Mercado Libre and Mercado Pago are both offering promotions to sign up for HBO Max, and this article will prove useful to you if you decide to take advantage of those promotions. You will find that logging in with your Mercado Libre account is quite easy here, and we will explain it to you!


How to log in to HBO Max with Mercado Libre

Here are the tutorials for accessing HBO Max from your phone or PC using your Mercado Libre account, but before we get into the tutorials, I must point out that this method makes sharing your account extremely difficult.

Whether you want to watch movies and shows with your friends or share your account with your parents, brothers or grandparents, you will have to give them a code to be able to log in (if you don’t want someone else to enjoy your subscription, you can delete the associated devices).

Enter HBO Max with Mercado Libre from your PC

  • To sign up with HBO Max, first, you must access the website and click the “Sign up with an existing provider” button.

  • You will see several options; click on the one that says “Mercado Libre/Mercado Pago ”.

  • If you have previously created an account through Mercado Libre/Mercado Pago, you will be prompted to enter the email address you used to create it. Once the email address has been entered, click “Continue”.

  • Your choice of login method is up to you: you can use the Mercado Libre app, or you can receive the login code via email.

  • By following the steps below, you will be able to access your HBO Max subscription through your Mercado Libre account.

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