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How To Lock Hidden Albums iPhone iOS 16

The Photos app on iOS 16 can edit multiple photos quickly, has a Shared iCloud Photo Library, can merge and remove photos, and can lock the hidden photos album and recently deleted albums. iOS 16 lets you lock iPhone photos.

Apple delays adding this much-needed iPhone utility, but better late than never. Face ID, Touch ID, or Passcode can lock hidden albums in iOS 16’s Photos app.

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Hidden Albums under utilities allows you to hide photos from the main photos library. With a new feature, you can activate a photo vault on your iPhone without installing a third-party app.

If you don’t see a lock icon next to the arrow button on the hidden albums tab in the utility section, follow this guide to activate the new lock on hidden and recently deleted albums on your iPhone.

Let’s begin.

How to Lock Hidden Albums on iOS 16

Lock hidden albums recently deleted albums, or merge duplicate photos by updating to iOS 16. Follow these steps to lock private photos on an iPhone running iOS 16.

  • Go to your iPhone’s Settings in iOS 16.
  • To access the Photos app’s settings, swipe down and then tap on Photos.
  • To use Face ID or Touch ID, simply activate the switch (iPhones with Touch ID have the Use Touch ID option).
  • Turn on the option to reveal concealed albums.
  • When that’s done, launch Apple’s Photos app.
  • In the bottom menu, click Albums.
  • Swipe all the way down to the bottom of the album screen.
  • Located in the utility menu, the Hidden and Recently Deleted albums are protected by a padlock icon next to the back button.
  • When you tap it, it will ask for your biometrics using either Face ID or Touch ID.
  • In any case, that’s all there is to it.
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If someone finds your unlocked iPhone, they won’t be able to access recently deleted or hidden albums.

You can add a new face for Face ID authentication, which you can later use to unlock your iPhone and access the hidden photos as well. To add a new face for Face ID authentication, go to the Settings app, then select Face ID & Passcode, enter the passcode, and then select the “Set Up an Alternative Appearance option.” Now you can add a new face for Face ID authentication. If you want to give a family member access to the hidden albums, you can add an alternate face to Face ID.

Therefore, if you want to lock hidden photos on your iPhone, this is the method that is the most straightforward.

If you are still confused about how to lock hidden photos on an iPhone that is running iOS 16, then please leave a comment in the box provided for that purpose. In addition to that, please forward this article to your colleagues.

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