LG L65 Dual D285 Drivers, User Manual, Root

LG L65 Dual D285 Drivers, User Manual, Root

Download LG L65 Dual D285 Drivers:


LG L65 Dual D285 User Manual:

LG D285_CIS_UG_Web_V1.0_140507.pdf

LG L65 Dual D285 Stock Kdz:



LG L65 D280f10a_02.kdz V10a TCL/TELCEL(MEXICO)

LG L65 Dual D285 Root:

How to get root-right? – The easiest way is to install the application Towelroot 3.0.

More Files :-







LG L65 Dual D285 Camera Quality Hack:-

Download the archive. media_profiles.xml
Place the file in the root of the flash card.
Open the root explorer, go to the system / etc directory.
Push the button as shown in the screenshot:

5181275 5181280

Look for  media_profiles.xml file and rename it to media_profiles.xml.bak

Now copy the unzipped downloaded on flash media_profiles.

the XML in the system / etc directory expose him to the following permissions:

Reboot the Phone (it may take longer than usual).

set up the camera, such as LG camera Select video mode, and set the following settings:

video Resolution: 1280×720 codec: H.264 video format : the MPEG4 video Bitrate: 6 Mbit

(this option must be chosen so that there was no lag and pull is enough video)

Frames per second: 30 audio codecs: AAC audio sampling: 48000 audio Bitrate: 320000 Enable stereo:

yes, Try to shoot video!

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