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  1. Most of my outbound texts are received but I haven’t been getting any texts that are sent to me will this update fix my issue??

  2. this is new update by LG i think this rom will fix your problem…

  3. upgrade 7.0 on my g5 and face a lot of bug. Last night my LG G5 update on 6.1 to 7.0 through OTA. however I have many bug, for example, auto location on,fast charging not really work and so on. how do i fix it.or how can I back again my Android 6.0.1

  4. Gadgetmodder says:

    Hi there! Thank you for reaching out!

    Have you tried out a master reset on the device since upgrading? We often observe that solve problems an update may cause. For those who have and that still have not worked well, make sure you give us extra information about what’s happening and we can do more analysis!

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