LG G3 Cat.6 F460 Firmware Kdz

Download LG G3 Cat.6 F460 4.4 Kitkat, 5.x Lollipop. Android 6.0 Kdz

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LG G3 Cat.6 F460 4.4 Kitkat

KDZ LGF460LAT-00-V10i-KT-KR-AUG-18-2014+0

KDZ LGF460KAT-00-V10i-KT-KR-AUG-18-2014+0

KDZ LGF460SAT-00-V10i-KT-KR-AUG-18-2014+0


LG G3 Cat.6 F460 5.x Lollipop

F460S 20C 
F460K 20C
F460L 20C

LG G3 Cat.6 F460 6.x Marshmallow



F460L 30c

F460K 30c

F460S 30c



How To Flash LG G3 Cat.6 F460 With Stock Kdz

Download Install LG USb Drivers : LG_VZW_United_WHQL_v2.14.1
Download Install : Visual C++  VC_RedistInstaller
Download : LG Flash Tool 2014

1. Extract the file “LG Flash Tool 2014.zip” and run the file “LG Flash Tool 2014.exe” as administrator.

2. turn on Download Mode  . Turn off your phone.   Hold “Volume +” and connect to the PC via USB

3  Your window have to be like this.


After making the settings shown above, press the folder icon with an arrow and select your downloaded .kdz


5.Now click “CSE Flash”


6 . Press “START” in the window displayed;

7. Let the new window “Select Country & Language” that way and click “OK”:

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22 thoughts on “LG G3 Cat.6 F460 Firmware Kdz

  1. when i upgrade stuck at 60% lg lg g3 and in writing only tool USB ???? ???? Is there something wrong?

    I have lg g3 cat.6 f460s and also downloaded F460S30C marshmallow 6.0 but have issue ?????? LG??????USB?????????? E.g

  2. As mentioned by another person above, even I got stuck at 60%. I kept getting pop-up messages to cancel continuously. On reaching 60% I could not get it to progress further.
    My version is an F460S

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