Last Remaining Light
Last Remaining Light v1.5.50 Mod Apk (Free Shopping) Beware! Things are about to get creepy.

This game’s got everything: creepy, spooky worlds of darkness, mega jumps, and deadly monsters. You’ve got to survive the night in the dark.

Journey through the creepy darkness of a spooky forest and gloomy cave, in a world filled with monsters.

Carry a lantern with you to light your path in the dark – don’t let the last light go out, and perfect your mega jump skills.
Collect enchanted light sparks to keep your lantern alight – don’t let it diminish and survive the night!
If the last light goes out, you’ll be left alone (with the monsters) to perish in the spooky pitch-black darkness.

Last Remaining Light

Last Remaining Light MOD:

  • Modify to eat gold coins to get a lot of gold coins
  • unlimited characters

Last Remaining Light MOD APK DOWNLOAD:



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