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How to Sign Up for the One UI 6 Beta on the Samsung Galaxy

The wait is over as Samsung has officially made the announcement that its One UI 6 Beta will be available for the Galaxy S23 series. Later on in 2018, the One UI 6 beta update will be made available for further Samsung Galaxy phones. Samsung’s devices use a bespoke operating system called One UI 6, which is based on Android 14.

Samsung is somewhat late to the party, since other original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have already started the Android 14 beta for their flagship phones one month ago. On the other hand, we are aware that Samsung will most likely be the first original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to distribute Android 14 to all of its devices once the stable release of the operating system begins later this year. This is not counting Google.

There is every reason to believe that a great number of Samsung users are eager to get their hands on One UI 6 as quickly as possible. After all, it is a significant upgrade that adds Android 14 to the mix. This version brings with it a wide variety of new features as well as modifications. The Quick Settings have been revamped, new emojis have been added, and the default font has been changed, along with many other improvements.

The United States, Korea, and Germany are the only countries in which the One UI 6 Beta for the Galaxy S23 is now available. It is essential to take note that in the not-too-distant future, it is anticipated that this beta program will be extended to cover a greater variety of devices and locations. This guide will work with any Samsung phone that satisfies the requirements to be eligible for the promotion.

In the event that the One UI 6 beta for your Samsung Galaxy is already available, the steps below will walk you through how to enrol in the beta program.


Apply for One UI 6 Beta Program

Step 1: Update the Samsung Members app and your Galaxy phone to the most recent versions.

Step 2: Open the Samsung Members app on your phone in step two.

Step 3: One UI 6 beta may be displayed here. Swipe through all banners to view them all.

Step 4: Click the banner if you locate it; if not, go to the next step.

Step 5: Click the corner bell icon to see the Notices section. There will only be one UI 6 Beta notice.

Apply for One UI 6 Beta Program

Step 6: You will be given the choice to join the One UI 6 Beta. You can register for the One UI 6 Beta by following the instructions displayed on the screen.

How to Install One UI 6 Beta

Your device will have access to the beta software once you’ve joined the program. However, be sure to backup your device or at the very least crucial data before moving on to the installation phase.

Step 1: Go to Settings on your Galaxy phone and confirm that it is online in Step 1.

Step 2: Next, select Download and Install under Software Update.

Step 3: This page will show you the most recent One UI 6.0 Beta for Android 14 that you may download and install on your phone.

Android 14 based One UI 6.0

You can also leave the One UI 6 Beta through the Samsung Members app if you don’t want to participate.

One of the many strengths of Samsung is that the company does not continue testing software updates for several months. In contrast to other firms, which often engage in drawn-out periods of closed beta testing, Samsung has a tendency to simplify the process.

As a direct result of this, they frequently deliver stable builds within a month or two after the release of the beta update. Therefore, the answer to your question is affirmative; you can anticipate the stable version of One UI 6 for Galaxy S23 in either October or November.

Another positive aspect is that Samsung will only need to perform beta testing during the first few months of the rollout, after which they will immediately begin rolling out the stable version of the One UI 6 update to additional Galaxy devices.

Nevertheless, the existence of significant defects in the stable build may not necessarily be indicated by this approach. Therefore, the One UI 6 will not be coming to all devices, which is a positive development because it means customers won’t have to wait as long.

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