join a FaceTime call from Android or Windows


Do you want to try FaceTime on your Android mobile or on your Windows computer? Well then today is your lucky day. Here you will see how to participate in a FaceTime call on Android or Windows . Talking with your friends on FaceTime from these operating systems is possible!

Using FaceTime on Android or Windows: everything you need to know

Although there are many alternatives to FaceTime for Android , the Apple app has great functions and is very complete. So, there is no doubt that this is one of the best video calling apps . So we’ve always wanted to try FaceTime on Android .

Apple knows this perfectly. That is why FaceTime now works on Windows and Android .

Now, we anticipate that there is no FaceTime app for these operating systems . As we told you a few weeks ago, FaceTime officially arrived on Android and Windows, but via the web .

And this means? Well, you are going to use the Apple call app from your browser . Other key points to know before trying FaceTime are the following:

  • Calls can only be initiated by the person with an iPhone, iPad, or Mac . For now, there is no way for Android or Windows users to do this.
  • The iPhone must be updated to iOS 15 .
  • If you are going to use an iPad, your tablet has to update to iPadOS 15 .
  • And in case you are going to make the call on a Mac, your laptop or PC must have macOS Monterey .
  • According to Apple, FaceTime works in Chrome and Microsoft Edge. To use the app, you need to download the latest version of the search engine for your Android or your PC .

How to enter a FaceTime call on Android or Windows with the browser

How to enter a FaceTime call on Android or Windows

The tutorial is divided into two parts. In the first section, we are going to how to prepare the call on the Apple device so that people with Android or Windows can join without problem. Then, you will see what to do in the search engine to enter the call .

How to invite your friends with Android or Windows to a FaceTime

 invite your friends with Android or Windows to a FaceTime

  • Enter FaceTime from your iPhone, your iPad or your Mac.
  • Press the “Create link” button .
  • By doing this, the app will generate the link  with which Android or Windows users will join the call.
  • Then click on the “i” icon .
  • Tap the “Share link” button and send the video call invitation link to your contacts.

Participating in the call from the search engine of your Android or your Windows PC is that easy

Participating in the call from the search engine

Did you follow the steps that we just told you to the letter? Perfect, now the person to whom you shared the link of the call should do this :

  • Press the invite link and wait for your browser to open the link.
  • After the page loads, FaceTime will ask you to enter the username that you will have on the call. Copy it and then press the “Continue” button .
  • At this point, the app will show you a preview of your video transmission. When you are ready to participate in the call, click the “Join” option .
  • On the device of the FaceTime host, a notification will appear asking them to allow you to enter the call. The host must press the green check mark in the message so that you can join .

And voila, you are already inside the FaceTime call without having an iPhone or an iPad! Are you going to use this Apple app on your Android mobile or on your Windows PC? Tell us in the comments.