Bypass Gmail Account On Itel S11 Pro [Frp Reset]

If you perform a Factory Data Reset on Itel S11 Pro, all settings come back to the factory default settings. Almost all files are removed, such as documents and downloaded applications. For those who have a Google Account set up on the Itel S11 Pro, FRP is active. Which means that after the reset, you’ll be required to sign in to the Google Account using the login name and security password. For those who have many different Google Accounts set up on the Itel S11 Pro, can sign in using any of the accounts.


Bypass Gmail Account On Itel S11 Pro [Frp Reset]

Bypass Gmail Account On Itel S11 Pro [Frp Reset]:

If an unauthorized person attempts to reset the Itel S11 Pro by a different method, the Itel S11 Pro would still require log-in using the Google account information. Which means in case your Itel S11 Pro is dropped or thieved, another person may not have the ability to reset it and use it.

Even if you reset your Itel S11 Pro, but don’t remember your Google login name and/or password, the Itel S11 Pro device cannot be used. In that situation, you can do one of these:

If you know your Google login name but cannot remember the actual password, you can reset your password on the device, or at It can take up to 24 hours for a new password to sync with all registered devices. After 24 hours, you can try logging in to your Itel S11 Pro phone with the new password.

For those who have multiple Google Accounts, and you cannot remember which Google Account you set up on your Itel S11 Pro, visit

How To Bypass Gmail Account On Itel S11 Pro [Frp Reset]

In this guide, I’m going to be showing You how you can format a single partition of Itel S11 Pro device by using SP Flash tool. The goal of the article is, for example, Your Itel S11 Pro is FRP locked. All You need is to format FRP partition or possibly You need to perform a factory reset but If you’re can not boot into recovery mode for whatever reason. All you have to is to format user data & cache partitions, that is for factory reset For the requirements of this tutorial, all you have to is SP Flash tool, the Itel S11 Pro scatter file so you can get the values of the partitions(s) You need to format and Notepad++ to open the scatter file and get the values.

Requirements To Bypass Gmail Account On Itel S11 Pro [Frp Reset]

Instructions to Bypass Gmail Account On Itel S11 Pro [Frp Reset]:

Step 1. Extract the content of the SP flash tool zip file and Launch SP flash tool.

Step 2. Select the scatter file for your device by clicking choose besides the scatter-loading file’s drop-down bar.

Step 3. In the windows that appear next, navigate to and select the scatter file.

Step 4. You should now be taken back to the SP flash tool window, Click on the Format tab.

Step 5. Tick the checkbox beside “Manual format flash”.

Step 6. Open windows explorer and navigate to the location of the scatter file you selected earlier on then open it using Notepad++.

Step 7. Scroll down the contents of the scatter file till you get to the partition you wish to format [in my case, I’m trying to format FRP partition].

Step 8. Input the values of Linear_start addr and partition_size into SP flash tool then Click on Start

Step 9. Power off the phone (with the battery in) then connect to the PC via a USB cord. Once successful, you should get a green tick.

Step 10. Boot up the device.

Follow detail instruction how to Bypass Gmail Account On Itel S11 Pro [Frp Reset] with sp flash tool.