How To Flash Itel A32F Firmware File [Stock ROM]

Itel A32F Firmware


in this article, you will learn how to flash Itel A32F Firmware file. So if you are in this article, then either your phone is working properly.

You might have tried to install Twrp. However, if you do not like the custom ROMs you have installed and want to go back to the original operating system.


Anyway, all the solution to your problems with your phone is currently available in this article. You just need some material like Itel A32F Stock ROM, USB drivers and flash tool that is in it.

How To Flash Itel A32F Firmware File [Stock ROM]

For the ease of my readers, I have divided this method into different parts.

1. In the first section, we will talk about the Itel A32F Firmware (flash file) benefits and link it to download.

2. The other part is the necessary tools and pre-requirements to install the Itel A32F Firmware.

3. And in the last part, we will guide you How to flash this Itel A32F ROM file,

To perform this advance process of Flashing stock ROM please Go Step by step. If you got any error then leave a comment.

Itel A32F Oreo Features You Should Know About


You can then open any other app—catch up on email or even play games while watching the video. Tap on the floating window to get control options. Hit the X button to remove the floating window.

Password Autofill:

Google automatically fills in login details for apps you’re using. In fact, as this is a framework, you aren’t limited to Google’s Autofill feature. You can use something like 1Password, LastPass or Dashlane

Notification Channels:

you can switch the importance to Low, Medium, High or Urgent. As the titles suggest, an Urgent notification will make a sound and pop up on the screen. On the other end, a Low notification won’t appear in the notification bar at all.

Notification Dots:

You can tap and hold on the app icon to see a new popup, which will show all the notifications for the specific app. Unlike iOS, Android doesn’t show the number of unread messages in the dot.

New Emoji Styling:

Android Oreo’s emojis have the same round shape as Apple’s emojis but that’s where the comparison stops. Oreo’s emojis are unnecessarily detailed. For goodness sake, they have gradients!

Smart Text Selection:

Now, when you’re selecting the text, Android will try to help you automatically select an important element (like an address or a phone number) and then provide handy shortcuts in the popup menu itself. For instance, if you’ve selected some text that looks like an address, you’ll get a shortcut to directly open it in Google Maps.

Auto-Enable Wi-Fi:

Turn this feature on from Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi > Wi-Fi Preferences.

Hopefully, after knowing these Infinix Smart 3 Plus Android 8.0 Oreo features you have decided to update Android 8.1. So let’s not wait for you too much.

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The Advantages Of Itel A32F Stock ROM:

A Soft Brick or a Software Brick, is usually just when you’re phone is stuck in a boot loop, and as the name implies, is caused by a software error on Android.

Usually the lack of a system to boot from or some other minor software bug that glitching boot.

They are easily fixable by flashing the Itel A32F stock ROM on Itel A32F through recovery or with SP Flash Tool.

If your Itel A32F device turns to a soft-brick, it may:

  • Keeps Rebooting;
  • Boots Straight Into Recovery;
  • Boots Straight Into its Bootloader;
  • Freeze at the startup screen or boot Animation;

Itel A32F MT6580 Stock ROM Details:

Download Itel A32F Flash File:

Gapps File: Included
Device Supported: Itel A32F
Tool Supported: SP Flash Tool
Processor: MediaTek MT6580
Os: Android 8.1.0 oreo



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Pre-requirements to Flash Itel A32F Stock Firmware File:

  • Supported Phone: Itel A32F
  • Charge your mobile: You may no less than a half charge.
  • Laptop or PC.

1. Take Itel A32F Backup

Before going to install stock ROM you need to take all your messages, photos, and apps from your current smartphone. This requires a backup that you then restore on your device after flashing firmware.

Additionally, If you want to backup itel a32f NVRAM here is the full guide. This is also useful for itel a32f IMEI repair.

How To Backup Android Phone Before Flashing Stock Firmware

2. Download Itel A32F Flash Tool And Drivers:

A.  Download and install Itel A32F Drivers. This is for basic communication between your device and PC.

These drivers are mainly for the devices powered by MediaTek chipset. With these drivers, you can transfer files, flash the firmware files on the device, etc.

B. We use the Sp flash tool for as Itel A32F Flash Tool this procedure there are different reasons why we will use Sp Flash Tool to unbrick the Itel A32F.

I believe this tool is very efficient. Follow the step by step procedure to use One Click Unbrick Tool and unbrick your Itel A32F.


  • Please read and understand the Full Guide Before Flashing Itel A32F.
  • Use these instructions at your own risk. We will not be responsible for everything that happens to you or your device, resulting from the use of information in this guide.
  • Before flashing, Stock ROM Itel A32F must have a 70–80% charge.

Don’t flash another preloader and DSP_BL blocks! It is always dangerous! On some models of phones, you will have a brick even if you download these blocks read from a phone which you own!

Always remove from them marks in SPFT! ALWAYS have a working backup of your original ROM before you flash a new unknown ROM.

How To Flash Itel A32F Firmware File:

1. Download Itel A32F flash file zip file given above and extract it on your computer.

2. Download Itel A32F USB driver and set up it on your computer. In case if in case you have already put in a USB driver in your computer skip this step.

3. Next, switch off your Itel A32F smartphone and take away the battery (it’s removable).

Switch Off Itel A32F

4. Now go to the extracted folder in Step 1 and open up the SP Flash Tool sub-folder. You will discover the “Flash_tool.exe” file in it. Launch it.

Start SPFT For Itel A32F Firmware Flash

5. As soon as the SP Flash tool is launched, click on on “Download” tab.

How To Flash Itel A32F Firmware File [ROM] 1

6. Now, click on on “Scatter-loading” button within the download tab.

Itel A32F Firmware Scatter Loading

7. Next, click on on “Open Scatter File” and choose the scatter file from Step 1. For reference see the picture given under.

Select Itel A32F Firmware

8. Now click on on the “Download” button to start out the flashing process.

Press Download For Itel A32F Firmware

9. Next, join your Itel A32F Android device to your computer by means of the unique USB cable (without battery – whether it is battery removable) and press volume up or volume down button.

10. The flashing process will start momentarily, and it’ll get accomplished in a minute or two.

As soon as it’s over, you will notice the “Download OK” green ring in SP Flash Tool.

Itel A32F Firmware Download Complete

11. Now, shut the SP Flash tool in your computer and unplug your smartphone.

That’s it. Now you’ve successfully flashed stock ROM firmware in your Itel A32F Android device.

Follow Detailed Instruction Itel A32F Firmware Flashing With Sp Flash Tool.